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Wikitravel:Links to Encyclopaedia Britannica

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Don't link to Encyclopaedia Britannica articles which have the same subject as our article that they are being linked from.

Links from Wikitravel articles to Encyclopaedia Britannica articles which have a different subject may conflict with the Wikitravel:External links guidelines. Although Encyclopaedia Britannica articles are generally considered "tertiary sources", they should still be carefully considered to see if they do indeed meet our guidelines.

The traveller may not be on-line when they read a Wikitravel article, so a link to Encyclopaedia Britannica (or anywhere else) won't be of much use to them while they're off-line. Wikitravel articles should be as complete as possible in and of themselves. Essential information about a topic should be included in the Wikitravel article. This aim means that, even where an in-line link is justified, there must still be at least a summary of the Encyclopaedia Britannica article's topic within our own article.

If after meeting all these tests, and especially if the information being linked to is essential to the traveller and is not provided by a primary source. the external link is formed using the usual "single square bracket, URL complete with http://, space, anchor text to be displayed" syntax.
For example, to link to the Britannica Online article on Horatio Nelson, Viscount Nelson from our own Nelson (New Zealand) article, the Britannica article URL is so the external link might then be formed something like [ Viscount Horatio Nelson] which will appear in our article prose like this:
Viscount Horatio Nelson complete with the little arrow to give a clear indication that this is an external link.

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