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WikiOutdoors is a dead project. This page is kept for historical reference only.

Many of the articles in Wikitravel can benefit from links to WikiOutdoors articles in the same geographic location. A Wikitravel article focuses on the issues facing travelers for a destination, but WikiOutdoors articles provides detailed trail, route and river information.

Same subject

To add a link to a WikiOutdoors article in the same geographic location, add a link of the form [[WikiOutdoors:Article title on WikiOutdoors]].

The link will not appear in the main text of the article page on Wikitravel, but will instead show up automatically in the section "Other sites/languages" in the left-side navigation box.

Add a WikiOutdoors link to the very end of an article, to keep the article uncluttered. Avoid adding more than one WikiOutdoors link; the link you add should be to an article on exactly the same topic.

Interlanguage links

Currently, there are no WikiOutdoors articles in languages other than English. When this issue arises, follow the interlinking with Wikipedia model.


WikiOutdoors links should appear after any links to other language versions of Wikitravel, and before links to Open Directory.

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