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Wikitravel:Japanese Wikitravel Report for 3 March 2006

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Honorable lords,

A gentle breeze stirs the plum blossoms budding on the slopes of Mount Fuji. While I regret to intrude on your busy schedule, burdened as you are with many worthy pursuits, I feel it is my solemn duty to our Supreme Lord and Creator to inform you that it is once again time for a Japanese go-between report.

Growth is slow and steady, with some 50 articles added (including Nagasaki and Kitakyushu rising from the ashes thanks to a single zealous anonymous user), several active new contributors (98 registered users as of today) and considerable improvement to some existing articles. Shoestring was confirmed as an admin and Tokyo was duly split into central Tokyo and Tokyo prefecture.

The biggest policy debate has revolved around the unlikely topic of a List of rent-a-cycle shops, with the original contributor and some regulars firmly convinced that it is a valid article and the camps fairly evenly split.

Henceforth I remain, your most obedient servant, Jpatokal 03:05, 3 March 2006 (EST)