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This page contains the go-between reports for Spanish Wikitravel.

July 2006[edit]

I still find it odd that the users of this language version haven't said a word about its great development, so please allow me to drop a line or two about it here. I used to visit Spanish every now and then out of curiosity and after 2 months of absence I've found it's taken some steps relevant enough to be reported here:

  1. They have set a community portal similar or equivalent to our Project page. It contains requests for help/attention on issues like translation of pages and article maintenance and links to the votes for deletion and article template pages;
  2. They have also set an article improvement drive (collaboration of the week), which is probably a very good idea for near-newborn language versions like Spanish;
  3. On 17 July they began a voting process to define voting rights for Wikitravel users based on their number of edits. This sounds very Wikipedia-ish to me and apparently hasn't been adopted by any of the other language versions, where decisions are usually taken by consensus (except in a few cases such as votes for deletion, where anybody's opinion is welcome). After one week of voting only two users have raised their hands for the proposal and none against it, so we can't be quite sure if es: is really taking a different direction in this case.

Reported on 23 July by Ricardo (Rmx)