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Wikitravel welcomes the input of academics and professionals on all subjects -- history, geography, language, culture, economics and any others. Travel and tourist information professionals -- such as guides, travel writers, and travel agents -- are welcome for the detailed and indepth knowledge of destinations and subjects that they can bring.

However, we also believe that travel is an individual experience, and that everyone has valuable information to contribute to the project. This travel guide is built by and for travelers, and we think that is the best way to get to our goals.

We ask academics and professionals to follow a few guidelines.

  • Please identify yourself by creating a user account and giving a little description on your user page.
  • Please remember that Wikitravel is built in collaboration with tens of thousands of contributors from around the world. There is a great benefit to drawing on the collective experience of those travellers -- they do legwork and provide feedback that one person cannot do alone.
  • If you have to make changes to an article, please be ready to defend your position on the talk pages. The appeal to authority is a logical fallacy and a bad way to work together.
  • Please don't tout for products, services, or destinations. Overexcited or exclamatory statements put off other editors and readers. Straightforward, objective descriptions of a destination that are fair, are more likely to survive future edits, and are also more likely to stimulate the interest of Wikitravel readers.