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It's customary for people using other reference Wiki sites, like Wikipedia, to use link brackets around every single noun in sentences. Such as:

It's [[custom|customary]] for [[person|people]] using other [[reference]] [[Wiki]] [[Web site|sites]], like [ Wikipedia], to use [[link]] [[bracket|brackets]] around ''every [[single]] [[noun]]'' in [[sentence|sentences]].

On Wikipedia, this makes sense. After all, there's good reason to suspect that there will actually be an article on "person", "custom", "noun", and "sentence" in that Wiki. It is dedicated to an overarching encyclopedic coverage of general knowledge, and all those concepts fit into a general knowledge framework.

Unlike Wikipedia, Wikitravel is not a general knowledge Wiki. We have specific goals to meet, and content that doesn't have much or anything to do with travel is probably not ever going to have an article in Wikitravel about it (see What is an article? for details).

When you're writing Wikitravel articles, don't overlink. Avoid adding unnecessary links to potential articles that don't fit in with our goals, and that don't have travel content. Even if it may seem like there's a slippery slope that might lead to us having an article about the subject ("[[Ry Cooder]] travels a lot... maybe someone, someday, will want to write an article about him?"), err on the side of caution. Incomplete links look bad and are confusing for users. Don't make more than necessary.