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Wikioverland is a wiki-based encyclopedia project started in 2011 to contain the very specific information needed by travelers with vehciles. This could be people on bicycles, in rental cars, or their own cars, 4x4s or motorbikes.


Wikioverland's mission is to provide this very detailed information while not duplicating anything that is already readily available online or in travel guide books. Information like languages, currencies, visas, airports will never be included in Wikioverland. Wikitravel will be linked to for this kind of "generic" travel information.

The level of detail required by such travelers means that adding this information into wikitravel is infeasible. Essentially, Wikioverland is an entire wiki dedicated to the "By Car" sections wikitravel currently contains.

Wikioverland's goal is to provide the following information (and more) for every country:

  • Bringing a vehicle into a country temporarily (paperwork required, fees, logistics, extensions, etc.)
  • Driving a vehicle in a country (road quality, signs, local driving oddities, bribery, maps, etc.)
  • Gas and diesel price in a country (up to date and converted to any currency and unit the reader chooses)
  • Vehicle related considerations in a country (parking, safety, maintenance, buying and selling, etc.)

Sharing content[edit]

Wikioverland uses the same license as WikiTravel, the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike ("by-sa") license.
While this makes moving content between the two wikis possible, it's not really in the goals of either wiki to include content from the other.

Currency conversion[edit]

Wikioverland uses a custom MediaWiki extension to convert prices to any currency the reader wishes to use.
This extension may be of interest to wikitravel, where prices are constantly stated in different currencies.

For an example of this extension, see the section Gas and diesel price in Mexico and choose your preferred currency and unit of measure.

For an explanation of how the extension is used, see Prices on WikiOverland.

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