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Wikitravel:Cooperating with CouchSurfing

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CouchSurfing is a web-based hospitality exchange service. CouchSurfing has several goals which are definitely different from Wikitravel's goals, but it is interesting to make Wikitravel content easily accessible from CouchSurfing. It is expected that CouchSurfers will start adding and improving Wikitravel.

This is interesting for Wikitravel because of the size, the transparency of CouchSurfing and the global distribution of its members. It could especially work out benificially for Wikitravels in other languages than English, though some work needs to be done to make CouchSurfing itself available in other languages.

For CouchSurfing it is interesting because it gives very useful information to its members, and there is no need to set up a similar system, which isn't likely to flourish anyway.

Currently there is a test running at Guaka is currently working on this.


October 1, 2006, the CouchSurfing Guide is a success on the CS Wiki, but people are adding a lot of things that are more at its place on Wikitravel. So there is now a template, encouraging people to move that information (to which CouchSurfing has a license) to Wikitravel: Template:Move to Wikitravel. Feel free to help out with this.


Wikitravel content is used in the CouchSurfing Guide.

  • Proper attribution
  • edit links leading directly to Wikitravel

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