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The traditional barnstar, from Meatball Wiki

One great tradition in wiki culture is the barnstar. This is a simple image of an iron star, as used for decoration on barns in the northeastern United States. Because wiki community building is often compared to barn raising -- coming together to work on a project. The barnstar is a symbol of that community-mindedness, and is an informal "award" to recognize a user's exceptional community and content work.

For contributions which are perhaps not significant enough for a barnstar, or if you just want to let the community know you have completed a noteworthy contribution, you can celebrate the occasion on this page.

Giving a barnstar[edit]

Any Wiki community member can give a barnstar to any other for any reason whatsoever. If you think someone's done exceptional work on Wikitravel, plunge forward and let them know with a barnstar.

To add the barnstar, use the following Wiki markup on the user's User talk: page. Feel free to customize the text, of course.

 This [[Wikitravel:barnstars|barnstar]] is to show you appreciation for your great work on Wikitravel. --~~~~

Barnstars may be awarded privately, but if you wish to announce the award to the Wikitravel community, this may be done by adding a short note on the Wikitravel:Celebrate a contribution page.


A Wikitravel blue barnstar

The barnstar is also available in the same hue of blue as the Wikitravel logo; just substitute "File:Bluestar.png" for "File:Barnstar.png".