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Creating a bar, pub, or club listing[edit]

Wikitravel has listing tags. Nightlife should use the <drink> tag, which makes it easy to ensure that formatting is perfect. The <drink> tag can be inserted by clicking the "add listing" link within the Drink section of an article or by clicking on the "Bars and clubs:" link at the bottom of the edit page. Existing nightlife listings may be updated by clicking on the "edit" link next to the listing. The format of a <drink> listing looks like:

* <drink name="Name of Place" alt="Local script"

address="Address" directions="extra directions if necessary"
phone="Phone" email="[email protected]" fax="Fax number"
hours="opening hours" price="$beerprice draft/bottle beers,
$cocktailprice cocktails (extra price or special info)"       
One to three sentences about the drinks, service, atmosphere, 
view, specialities, music, what have you.</drink>
The name of the place. Don't include the city name unless it's needed for clarity.
If the place has a significantly different name in the local language, add it here. Non-Latin scripts like Japanese, Devanagari, Cyrillic etc can be used.
The $beerprice and $cocktailprice are for rough comparison with other bars (it can help to know that a beer is $1 at the honky tonk in the rough part of town and $14 at the snooty brewpub in the suburbs). Use the rough price of standard drinks. Prices should be in the currency accepted at the establishment. Use more local drinks (glass of red wine, sake, or whatever) if beer and cocktails don't make sense for the locale.
Direct telephone number of the place. Phone numbers should be in international format.
Street and number of the place, plus district if applicable and don't repeat the city name. If the city is different (for example, in a suburb), add that, too. Postal codes may be used for listings in those countries where they offer useful additional precision {currently Argentina (only 8 character CPA or Código Postal Argentino, Argentine Postal Code), Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal and the UK}.
Additional directions for how to find the place (if necessary).
Link to the official website for the place. Include the http://. If there's no official Web site, just leave that part out.
When the place is open. Days should be abbreviated (M Tu W Th F Sa Su), times should be 24 hour clock eg: 15:00-03:35 (local AM PM variation allowed - see Time and date formats for more details)

Listing order[edit]

Alphabetical order should normally be used. If another standard is used, it should be clearly stated so any new listing can be added in the appropriate place.

Sometimes it can be necessary to edit the Drink section to get the listing order right, rather than only using the add listing shortcut.

Avoid long lists[edit]

This is a travel guide, not a directory. A long undifferentiated list of bars and clubs is only marginally useful. A general rule of thumb is that lists should contain 5-9 items, and when they exceed that length it is time to consider breaking them up. There are several different ways to deal with long lists:

  • Use districts: Large cities are broken up into districts and nightlife listings go in district articles. Having listings in a main article of a huge city is not recommended.
  • Use price ranges:
  • Create other suitable subdivisions: Further subdivisions within district and price categories can be invented as you go along, whatever suits the location:
  • by neighbourhood, which can be more fine-grained than districts.
  • by location — "around the train station", "on the beach", etc.
  • by style — Western vs traditional, quiet pubs or thumping nightclub beats.
These are just examples; invent your own as needed.
  • Remove inferior listings: We are looking for a few good places to tell travellers about; describe those and simply omit the rest. In cases where a list is long and there are listings that are obviously inferior - for example, those without a description of the establishment - this approach may be valid.

There are also situations where a longer list may make sense. For example in towns known for their quantity and variety of nightlife. Provide assistance to the traveller, and try not to overwhelm them with low quality listings.