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Caution: Do NOT edit or move this page unless you have permission from Space Travel and Transport Department and the government of The United Planet of Keron.

This is a special version for Pekopon( Planet Earth )


Keron is a the capital of the United Planet Keron (UPK), with a population of 3,000,000. Keron is the most advanced and biggest city on Planet Keron. 67% of the population are keronian and the rest are mixture of differnt space cultures, and only 0.0002% of the population are Pekoponian, which are from Pekopon(Plant Earth). The Downtown part of Keron have a lot of hi-tec shops, restaurants and cafes.


The administrative of Keorn are The Keron Army Headquarter which is located in the Grand Star, which is also the headquarter of the armed force of Planet Keron. Keron is the most most secured city on Planet Keron, because it is the administrative center of the ertire Planet Keron.


The main airport or spaceship-port in Keron is the Keron Capital SpacePort(KCP)and Keron Space Interchange Station(KIS) which is also the biggest on Planet Keron. The most attractive part of Keron is the Keonian National Museum, which is located in 966 Museum Drive, Keron. Inside the museum, there are a lot of information about the history of Planet Keron and Keorn(the city). And also Keronian United Square and Independence Plaza are also attractive.


The currency of Planet Keron is the Keron dollar, symbol as K$, the fixedexchange rate between US dollar of Pekopon and Keron dollar are 2.626US dollar to 1 Keron Dollar. There are a lot of money exchange shop in the city.The shop will only except US dollar as the offical currency of Pekopon. The Kerons also uses space dollar in their everyday business


Most people in Keron speak Keronian(offical language of the central government and the army headquarter) , also Sukon (as the Japanese on the Pekopon), both are the most popular lanugages in Keron.

History of Keron[edit]

Keron or the District of Keronian (the city and the district are coterminous), is the capital of the United Planet of Keorn. It is a planned city, designed specifically to house the federal government, and is not part of any other state. Its history, beautiful architecture, and excellent cultural centers attract millions of space traveler each year. Keron was established in 9662 B.C(Earth year) by an act of the infant Central Keronian Congress. To avoid a dispute between the various regions about which city should be the capital of the new united planet, Congress established a brand new city, outside any existing region on Planet Keron. The District of Keronian was carved out of other regions ,and the new city was built. Designed by architect Koututu, (a famous designer on Planet Keorn) according to Enlightenment-era rationalist philosophy, Keron(named after the Planet Keron) was formed. Fast-forward two thousand years, and you'll see that the Founding Fathers' vision has been partially fulfilled. Keron is a diverse city of native residents and transients from outer space who come to serve as employees of the many cental government departments and government contractors. While some are legislators, executives, and judges, most of the population is impoverished or middle class. As home to government decision-makers, the city's attention is sometimes on topics unique to the city such as advertisements for military technology from large space defense contractors vying for brainshare among Keron Army employees. It is a very "young" city, with a huge percentage of the population under 30(Keron year). Relatively few residents have lived here all their lives. Most recent census figures report that about 80% of the population has relocated in the past 50 years(Keron Year).

Meanwhile, Keorn's non-transient population is primarily multi-cultural, many of them came from different planets in the outer space.This has caused occasional tensions, as the theoretical ideals of a temporary governing population conflict with the needs of a real-world metropolis' permanent residents. As Keron doesn't belong to a state, its municipal government is required to provide all the services that would normally be provided by state governments. It is also subject to overrule by the Keron Congress, a body in which its residents have no voting representation. But now the situation has improved a lot.

Get In[edit]

By Spaceship or Space suttle Keron is served by one major spaceports.

Keron Space Interchange Spaceport (KIS), [2] located in the west bank of of the city, is the closest and most convenient. Walkways connect the concourse level of the B and C terminals to the Keronian Metro rail platform; the walk from the A terminal to the metro takes 5 to 10 minutes. To get downtown (10 minutes), take the Yellow Line toward Keronian United Square. For destinations to the east, take the Blue Line toward Town Center. To the south, take the yellow line toward Keronian national museum .

Keron Capital SpacePort(KCP), [3] is located at 26 miles west of downtown Keron. To get into the city, the most convenient option may be the Keronian Flyer coach [4], which operates every half hour to and from the Keron Capital SpacePort (Orange Line). It takes 20-25 minutes and costs K$8 one way or K$14 round trip. The Metro rail service from Keron Capital SpacePort to downtown Keorn takes another 20-25 minutes. The cheapest option is the Metrobus, an express bus which makes stops at Town Center, Keronian United Square, Keronian national museum (Blue and Orange Lines) and downtown Independence Plaza (Green, Yellow, Blue, and Orange Lines). It departs hourly (though not on the hour) and takes 50-60 minutes; the fare is K$3 each way. Ask the people at the information booth in the lower level of the airport terminal, near the baggage claim, which bus will be coming sooner. They also can direct you to the bus stop.

How to contact us[edit]

To vist Keron, contact the Space Tourist Department on your planet or contact the ambassy in the capital on your planet(if there is one).

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