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Wikitravel:1 February 2006

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meta description[edit]

Wikitravel pages now have a meta "description" tag in the HTML. Some general-purpose Web software uses this description tag to say what the article is about. This either comes from an RDF template (see Wikitravel:RDF Expedition/Description) or the first text paragraph in the article (usually a lede describing the article, luckily enough).

You can see the description by pressing Ctrl+I (Page Info) in Firefox; I'm not sure what the keycode is in Explorer. If you see a description that looks really weird, or one that causes an HTML error, let me know. --Evan 01:40, 1 Feb 2006 (EST)

Mailing lists[edit]

We lost our venerable and little-used wikitravellers mailing list when we moved from our previous hosting site to our new server. I've taken the opportunity to revamp the way our mailing list(s) work, as you can see on Wikitravel:Mailing lists.

Each language version now has its own mailing list, wikitravel-xx (where xx is the language code). I'd like to see this become a more common mechanism for discussion on Wikitravel, too. --Evan 19:22, 1 Feb 2006 (EST)


A friend travelling in India sent us a page from December 2005's Outlook Traveller magazine, with a glowing review of Wikitravel. It doesn't seem to be available online, though. --Evan 21:25, 1 Feb 2006 (EST)