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Wikitravel:19 January 2006

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Changes in interwiki presentation[edit]

I've made a couple of simple changes in the interwiki presentation. First, I've separated the "other sites" interwiki links (like Wikitravel:links to Wikipedia and Wikitravel:links to Open Directory) from interlanguage links.

Second, I've changed the formatting of the link so that, instead of just repeating the words "Deutsch" and "English" all over the place, the title of the linked page appears. The language is indicated by the language code ("en:"), with a mouse-over effect to show the full name of the language. I find it more interesting than the language names.

Finally, I've added some semantic markup to the links and to the rest of the page. There are now <link> elements in the <head> of each page, showing that the interwiki pages are "alternates" with a different language (See for the explanation for this.) The <a> elements in the interwiki menu also have "hreflang" and "rel" attributes, which is parallel to the <link> elements and should be proper usage. Hopefully this will help bots find the other language versions of Wikitravel and understand the special relationship between, say, en:Australia and fr:Australie.

Feedback welcome here. I'm not 100% crazy about the way the separated code+title looks with very long titles, so suggestions there would be helpful. --Evan 23:26, 19 Jan 2006 (EST)