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Wikitravel:11 April 2006

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Software upgrade[edit]

The software upgrade was a mitigated success. I had to take an extra hour tracking down a problem with interwiki links (our WikiPedia and Dmoz links weren't working). Once that was done, the rest has been mostly reasonable, although the performance on the site is poor since I had to clear all the caches.

The main visible changes from this upgrade are 1) default template parameter values and 2) a split between the login and register pages. There are a lot of little interface changes around the software, too.

Admins on non-English versions should watch out for "creeping English" for new features, etc. Also, as I was hand-merging Wikitravel's LanguageXX.php files with the upstream versions (note: probably erroneous), I noted a number of places that previous prompts had changed, so watch for that. It'd be great if admins on non-English versions could take care of these problems using the database messages.

Please add to Wikitravel:Bug reports if there are any other problems. --Evan 01:16, 11 April 2006 (EDT)

Emphasis on the mitigated part! I had added some code to MediaWiki for earlier versions to deal with caching bugs, and with 1.6.x they apparently gave you someone's login credentials if you edited their user page. I've fixed this, but some users may need to re-login as a result. Sorry for the confusion, but it seems like no permanent damage was done, as far as I can tell. Thanks to everyone who reported this bug. --Evan 10:58, 11 April 2006 (EDT)

33 wikis[edit]

As part of their 33 wikis project (reviewing 33 wikis for best practices), Eastwikkers covered Wikitravel. It's interesting. --Evan