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Wikitravel:10 August 2006

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International Herald Tribune[edit] has more than 10,500 travel guides and articles written by contributors; many are among the best I can find on Lausanne. [1]

Mark, you may hereby pat yourself on the back =) Jpatokal 12:52, 10 August 2006 (EDT)

The Guardian[edit]

For the most part, people at the conference didn't talk about it in these terms at all. When the wiki-crack takes over, all you are interested in is your next hit. Andrew Haggard, 20, from Cincinnati has been a user on Wikitravel, a travel site that anyone can edit, since March 2005. On Mondays and Thursdays he unloads a truck for a restaurant and on Fridays and Saturdays works in the restaurant. But somewhere along the way he has time to spend 10 hours a day contributing to the website. "I'll go outside every now and then just to make sure the sun's still there," he says.
Haggard checks to find listings for places to stay in cities he has never been to. He has called tourist offices to find out opening times to museums he will never visit. Why? Haggard shakes his head and smiles. He really doesn't know. "I like to see the things I've written up there," he says. He flew to Boston from Cincinnati on his own dime and for the duration of the conference he stayed in Everett, Massachusetts. "When I get back I'm going to write about Everett." [2] -- Sapphire 15:04, 10 August 2006 (EDT)