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Weekend in Oranjestad, Aruba at The Tamarjin

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Weekend in Oranjestad, Aruba at The Tamarjin

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Staying in Aruba on an all-inclusive resort[edit]



  • Warm/Tropical climate
  • Usually a good breeze on the island
  • Year round temperature 76-88 degrees


  • The island does not have any mountains or hills
  • The island is mostly made up of white sandy beaches
  • The divi-divi tree is a big part of Aruba’s land scape and has become the national landmark in Aruba


When traveling to Aruba you must have a U.S. passport and some form of identification. Be aware of busing and taxi services. Taking a taxi is beneficial if you want to find out information on the island and you can learn of the closest stores near your resort. Also taking a bus is helpful because they have a regular schedule to hotels, downtown, and beaches all over the island. They are friendly and will handle your baggage for you as well as each covered bus stop has a map and route of the island.

Where To Stay[edit]

The Tamarjin


  • City- Oranjestad, Aruba. The capital city in Aruba
  • 41 JE Irausquin BLVD
  • Phone number 1800-544-2008


  • Average price per night is $ 426.00
  • If you book the resort through Expedia early, you can save 20% on your hotel stay

Get In[edit]

  • By Plane To get into Aruba you can travel by plane which will take you to the Reina Beatrix International Airport which is located on the western side of the island.
  • If you are traveling from the United States you will want to use American Airlines because it is the most popular airline used when traveling to Bermuda and the most flights are available through it.
  • By Boat Once on the Island, guests can use boat transportation to get to their hotels or to go shopping on the island.

Where to eat at The Tamarjin

  • This resort provides multiple dining options that are included with your all inclusive stay
  • Guests get unlimited food and drink
  • Red Parrot
  • Palm Grill
  • Paparazzi Resturant
  • Breakfast/Lunch buffets
  • Pizza per Tutti bar and grill
  • The resort provides many more restaurants
  • Red Parrot restaurant features fine dining food and alternative service that gives guests the option of dining inside or outside. Inside the guests will eat in a relaxed air conditioned environment and outside they will be able to eat in a beachside outdoor terrace. Also, the Red Parrot provides a kids menu.
  • Palm Grill is an ocean front restaurant that serves guests stir-fry-vegetable shrimp, swordfish, chicken or beef and fresh vegetables.
  • Paparazzi Resturant is a bar and lounge area that serves classic Italian food and also provides guests with select wine and an intimate setting for couples. This restaurant also provides a kids menu.
  • Pizza per Tutti bar and grill offers guests a full service bar and grill and serves up snacks and pizza that is cooked in brick ovens.

Drive/Traveling around the island[edit]

  • Rentals are available for golf carts and jeeps at the Tamarjin
  • However, when staying on an all inclusive resort like the Tamarjin it is not worth the money. This resort provides an actual ocean front beach and many activities to keep guests busy all day and night.
  • Walking is your best bet when staying at the Tamarjin

Stay Safe[edit]

  • The island of Aruba is very safe and a good family environment. However, the southeast part of the island is known to be unpredictable at night and should be avoided.
  • All drug use is considered illegal on the island so if you notice any suspicious behavior contact the authorities at once

Day time Activities

  • You can go snorkeling right in front of the hotel
  • You can swim at Baby Beach which is south east on the island and see tropical fish
  • Baby Beach is a calm lagoon that is shallow and is nearby huts on the beach that provide visitors fresh fruit
  • You can also rent a jet ski, a tube, paddle boat, and a wave runner
  • You can go windsurfing or kite surfing
  • You can go on board a pleasure boat or a fishing yacht
  • Golf cart transportation to Alhambra Casino and shopping Bazaar
  • Trivia contests, beach volleyball, and shuffle board
  • Golf course is a 9 hole ocean front view course. 6 of these holes actually play over water or lagoons. The course is open to the public but no caddy service is provided but you can rent a golf cart.
  • Golf Lessons The lessons are provided by the Johnson & Wales golf academy. The lessons include a video golf swing analysis station, driving range, chipping area, and a bunker practice area.

Resort Accommodations[edit]

  • Daily maid service
  • Tour assistants
  • Pool side bar
  • Fitness/ Exercise room
  • 24-hour front desk
  • You can get a scuba certification at the resort
  • Day care/ child services
  • Spa
  • Laundry facilities
  • Internet service provided
  • There are many all inclusive features at The Tamarjin. These features include snacks and meals throughout the day through dining options. There are unlimited drinks at the bars as well. There is a drink of the day at the bars and the regular beer served is Heineken and the Aruba beer, "Balashi". The drinking age in Aruba is 18 years of age.

There are three fresh water pools accommodated with non-motorized water sports. All oceanfront guests receive patio or balcony that looks over the beach for a great ocean view.

  • Also at the Divi-Hotel, which is free as well for Tamarjin residents, guests can use a fitness center and a 30 foot rock climbing wall for guests of all ages. A Casino, Golf Course, and Day Spa's are also all available throughout the day at the resort as well.
  • If you need to email friends or family you can use the internet service that is available at the Tamarjin. You are right on the water's edge where there is a patio right outside of your room. In your room there is air-conditioning, a color satellite television, a hair dryer along with the bathroom and shower, a mini-fridge, AM/FM alarm clock radio, and a telephone with hotel service.
  • You can have the choice of two Queen Beds or if your on a honeymoon one king-sized bed. You also get maid service everyday so you don't have to worry about your room being messy or full of garbage from the day/night before.
  • There are all kinds of water activities you can participate in. Once on the beach, you can go to the actives lounge where their will be a guide to help you rent equiptment and plan you day . You can obtain snorkeling equipment, banana boats, rubber tubes, and many more water objects.

Night life[edit]

  • Live bands
  • Karaoke
  • Limbo show
  • Dance music is provided nightly
  • You can go to the Alhambra Casino that has 300 state of the art slot machines and table games

  • Theme parties at the Tamarjin are a frequent event at night. They include Salsa dance classes, Caribbean night, and Mystic Shows that contain amazing stunts and fire eating.As a guest at the hotel, you will also be able to enjoy music from live bands and a night of jazz with some of the best jazz muscisians Aruba has to offer.
  • Theme Nights are also a very popular nighttime attraction for guests staying at the Tamarjin. At the resort guests can see Aruban Dance shows, Latin Dance shows, Carnival shows, Mexican Dance shows, Water Ballet shows, Limbo shows, and Karaoke. With some many events offered at the Tamarjin, you will not have to stay in your hotel room once the sun goes down. Guests will be able to watch and participate in lively entertainment every night they stay in Aruba.
  • Paparazzi Bar & Lounge provides guests with an air conditioned area for guests to watch sporting events at nighttime. Also, there is a movie night at the resort that takes place right on the beach and gives guests a chance to watch a new or old movie on the edge of the water.
  • Alhambra Casino is a casino that is located adjecent to the resort and offers more than slot, video poker and multi-slot machines. The casino offers guests with traditional slot machines and the latest reel machines on the market. The casino also offers guests with table games including blackjack, roulette, and craps. Their are also less traditional table games including Let it Ride, Three-card poker, and Caribbean Stud. The casino provides guests with relaxed dealers and comfortable seating.
  • Casino hours and location The casino is open from 10 am until 4 am everyday. The casino is located at J.E. Irausquin Blvd. # 47 in Oranjestad, Aruba. It is walking distance from the hotel.

Attractions outside the resort[edit]

  • Palm Beach
  • Malmok Beach
  • Arashi Beach
  • Eagle Beach
  • Druif Beach
  • Arikok National Park
  • Indian caves and rock formations
  • Gold Mill
  • Aruba Aloe Factory
  • Numismatic Museum
  • Brand new archeology Museum
  • Butterfly farm
  • Ostrich farm
  • Palm Beach is a two mile long strip on the coastline where high-rise hotels are all around it. You will see calm waters on this beach which is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. You can also do bare-foot dining on the white sandy Palm Beach. Malmok Beach is very shallow waters so it's perfect for snorkeling. It's a narrow and sandy stretch and some windsurfing residents pick this location. Sailboats stop at this location just off the shoreline for snorkeling.
  • Arashi Beach is located North of Malmok Beach. This is a quiet narrow beach that has makeshift huts and a large parking area for residents and tourists. There's gentle currents and a lot of underwater sea life which makes it perfect for snorkeling according to locals. Eagle Beach, on the other hand, is a popular public spot right off the main road in Aruba. There are parking spots, shaded picnic areas, some huts, and across the road there are provided cabanas and lounges for the guest.
  • Druif Beach is a long, oval shaped beach of ivory sand and here the resorts are one step away from the beach. It is not too far from the Tamarjin and it is known for being a quiet, socializing spot.
  • Arikok National Park is known for the three main geological regions that formed Aruba. At the park you can see the Aruba Lava formation, a quartz diorite information, and a limestone formation along the coast line. It has very unique plants and wildlife in this area you can learn about as well as the past historic human settlements along the island.
  • The Indian Caves and rock Formations are filled with deep chambers as well as cave drawings from the historic past of the island. Some chambers extend to over 100 feet within the caves.
  • The Aruba Aloe factory is intertwined with other shopping areas around the island.
  • The Numismatic Museum has historic coins that are authentic and have strange designs, counter-stamped, squared, wooden and many more. There is a new state of the art Archeology Museum shows Aruba's historical and cultural heritage through the centuries.
  • For kids you can go to the Butterfly Farm or The Ostrich Farm. In the Butterfly Farm there is a garden full of all different kinds of Butterflies from around the globe. Tour guides will show you the habitats of the butterflies as well as it's life process. In the Ostrich Farm, there is a tour that shows you the information of these amazing yet huge birds that inhabit Africa.

Get out[edit]

  • Before leaving Aruba make sure that you and your family have all of your belongings.
  • You can then rent a taxi or take a bus to the Reina Beatrix International Airport