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For other places with the same name, see Vitoria (disambiguation).

Vitória [2], the small and cozy capital of Espírito Santo, is a city on the southeast coast of Brazil, famous for its beaches and culture, and for its proximity from many other touristic destinations in the state. Most of the city's neighborhoods are surrounded by parks and forests and many cultural events add an extra bliss to the city throughout the year. One might also consider staying in a hotel in Vitória while visiting nearby cities and regions of interest during the day like Vila Velha, Guarapari, Domingos Martins, or Serra, all of them with many attractions less than 2 hours away by car or bus. Vitória is also a perfect stop for travelers planning to go from the state of Rio de Janeiro or east of Minas Gerais by bus or car to beach destinations in the south of Bahia, like Prado, Nova Vicosa, Caravelas and Abrolhos, or even Porto Seguro.


View of Praça dos Namorados and Curva da Jurema Beach with the Third Bridge and the "Convento da Penha" in the background

Vitória, with around 315,000 people[3], is considered by the UN to be the third best place to live in Brazil.


Founded in 1551, is the third oldest capital of Brazil, after Salvador and Recife. For a long time it was only a ‘city-port’, suffering various French, British and Dutch attacks, after sugar and ‘pau-brasil’.

Its name is attributed to a victory over the native Indians, when, seeking refuge, the Portuguese fled to the island, and then achieved victory, renaming the village, at the time known only as “Vila Nova”, to “Vila Nova da Vitória”. It has many nicknames, like Ilha do Mel (Honey Island), Cidade Sol (Sun City) and others. It's often referred by the locals as simply "VIX" (the IATA code for its airport).


It is located in the southeastern region of Brazil, the most developed in the country. The location is strategic, close to the big urban centers, and it is, in average, one hour away by plane from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

Circled by the Bay of Vitória, the main island has mangroves, beaches, granite formations and many smaller islands.

The municipality of Vitória is made of an archipelago with 34 islands and a continental area. Its total area is 104 km2, including the main island, the continental area, the coastal islands and the oceanic islands of Trindade and Martin Vaz. It used to have more than 50 islands, but now many of them have been incorporated, by landfills, to the main island.

The highest point is the Maciço da Fonte Grande, a granite formation 309 meters tall, and then there is the Pedra dos (Dois) Olhos, 296 meters tall.

The climate is tropical humid, with a maximum average temperature of 30,4ºC and a minimum of 24ºC, with most of the rainfall in the months between October and January.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Vitória Airport (VIX) - also known as Eurico Salles Airport - is located near the north end of Camburi beach. It's about 10 minutes by taxi to most hotels and served by many bus lines. It receives daily flights from most state capitals in the country, mostly via Rio de Janeiro (the nearest gateway), São Paulo, Belo Horizonte or Salvador.

The airport - which is considered the best midsize airport in the country - got its international status approved in November 2019. GOL airlines said it plans to start direct flights from Vitoria to Buenos Aires in 2020.

Among the main airlines serving the airport are TAM [4], Gol [5] and Azul [6].

The bus line 212 direction Aeroporto / B.Mar x Mario Cyprestes takes you from the airport via the Camburi beach, the port and the city center to the main bus station in 50-60 minutes.

By bus[edit]

Vitória's long-distance bus station is downtown, also with many bus lines serving it. There are many buses arriving and leaving during the day from cities like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Brasília and others. It's around 20 minutes away from most of the hotels by taxi and 30 to 35 minutes by bus.

The bus 212 Aeroporto / B.Mar x Mario Cyprestes takes you from the bus station via the city center, the port and the Camburi beach to the airport in 50-60 minutes.

The bus trip from Rio de Janeiro takes about 8 hours, and from São Paulo some 14 hours, but most of the bus times are at night, making the trip not as tiring and time-wasting.

The main bus companies traveling to Vitória are Aguia Branca and Kaissara. You can buy online tickets at both their websites.

By train[edit]

The train station is located in the city of Cariacica (Greater Vitória) and connects the city to Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais.

By car[edit]

The two main roads are the BR-101, which runs south-north just inland of the coast, linking Vitória to Rio de Janeiro, to the south, and Salvador, to the north, and BR-262, that runs east-west, leaving Vitória and going to Belo Horizonte. Another road, local highway 60, runs along the coast southward to Guarapari.

Get around[edit]

By bus[edit]

The website Ponto Vitória [7] (in Portuguese) lists bus connections in the city. For Transcol buses, which cross city boundaries connecting the whole Grande Vitória metropolitanean area, please check CETURB [8] (in Portuguese). Prices are R$2.75 per fare. Transfers at the terminals (eg Terminal Ibes, Terminal Vila Velha, etc) are free.

There are some apps avaiable (Android/Apple) for buses time schedule: "Ponto Vitória" and "Meu Destino Vix".


The city is covered by Uber, 99, and V1.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Parque Pedra da Cebola - Located in the Jardim da Penha neighborhood near the university, the centerpiece of this park is an unusual rock formation. A popular place for local couples to hang out. There is a mini farm and wild animals all around the park. It's a great place for a picnic or to practice sports (soccer, baseball and softball courts available)
  • Parque da Fonte Grande - Located in the central portion of the island, this is the biggest park of Vitória, preserving an important remaining area of the Atlantic Forest. Visitors can choose from many trails inside the forest and spot native animals such as snakes, small mammals, and many species of birds. The area's highlight is its 309m high mountain from which you can appreciate beautiful views of Vitória and nearby cities. The park opens from tuesday to sunday, from 8am to 5pm.
  • Botânico da Vale - About 82 acres of green space and over 140 tree species makes this a great destination for a picnic
  • Capela de Santa Luzia, near the cathedral, its Vitória's oldest religious building. Open weekdays 8AM to 6 PM.

Do[edit][add listing]

Vitória is an island, so you should definely enjoy all the water sports and beach like activities available.

  • Whale watching. Vitória is one of the best places in the world for whale watching. It is right on the migration route of humpback whales. The whale season is from June to November. The association Amigos da Jubarte organizes the boat departures every Saturday and Sunday.
  • Sea Turtles Conservation Center - TAMAR[9]. Conservation project and aquarium for sea turtles observation. Opens for tuesdays to sundays, from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Entry fee: R$14,00. Avenida Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes 700A.
  • SUP rentals and kayaking. You can rent a stand-up paddle or a kaiak enjoy some outstand views of the city. Loopwindsup: Iate Clube Beach, Praia do canto (R$40,00) or Escola Naútica Capixaba, Enseada do Suá (R$30,00).
  • Windsurf classes. You can learn how to windsurf or rent at Escola Naútica Capixaba, 291, Av. Américo Buaiz, 165 - Enseada do Suá, Vitória - ES, (27) 99983-3604
  • Hawaiian Outrigger Canoeing. A must do for those into sports, groups up to 12 leave very early in the morning (5:20 am, 6:00 am, and 7:30 am), from Camburi, Praça dos Desejos and Curva da Jurema beaches. The earlier the better to enjoy the sunrise from a different perspective. Canoa da Ilha: +55 27 99969-6590. CPP Extreme: +55 27 99641-7421.
  • Paneleiras de Goiabeiras, You must visit where the Paneleiras make the world known panelas de barro (clay pans). Rua das Paneleiras, n°55 - Goiabeiras - Vitória/ES Tel.(27)3327-0519.
  • Museu Solar Monjardim, Great museum showing how life was like back in the XIX century. Avenida Paulino Müller, s/n - Jucutuquara - Vitória/ES Tel.(27)3322-4807.
  • Praça do Papa, It's a great open area by Vitória Bay with a restaurant overseeing the city of Vila Velha and the beautiful Convento da Penha. You will also find the Monumento do Papa which was built when the pope visited and celebrated a mass service in the City.
  • Praia do Canto, This neighborhood is also known as an open air mall. You will find great stores, spas and treat yourself with some fresh coconut water from the street vendors while people watching.
  • City Parks, Vitória has an unique park/green area in every neighborhood. They built these parks so the citizens can go into a peaceful place and to feel like they are out of the city. In must of the parks you will find mini farms/zoos, wild animals freely walking around you...
  • UFES, This is the Federal University of Espirito Santo in the morning you can walk around and see the university don't be surprise if you see monkeys, snakes and beautiful birds while doing so. There is also a great planetarium which is free of charge but with limited hours I would suggest you to call them before heading there (27) 4009-2489. At night students throw outdoor parties and concerts which brings a great crowd. There is also a great movie theater (Cine Metropolis (27) 3335-2376) which plays great independent movies. If you like theater plays you may enjoy a play at the Teatro Universitário da UFES (27) 3335-2953.

  • Bustour Vitoria and Vila Velha. Every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays you can hop on the open air tour bus and explore what Vitoria and Vila Velha has to offer. The bus departures at 9am from the Kiosk 1 at Camburi Beach and the trip ends at 5pm. R$50 for adults, R$30 for kids 2-7 and free for kids under 2. Its recommended that you bring a hat, sunscreen and wear light clothes.

Movie Theaters

  • Cine Metrópolis, 1 movie theater. Av. Fernando Ferrari, s/n, Ufes, Campus de Goiabeiras (27) 3335-2376
  • Cine Jardins, 2 movie theaters. Av. Anísio Fernandes Coelho nº 453 Jardim da Penha Shopping Jardins (27) 3350-2002
  • Cinemagic, 4 movie theaters. Av. José Maria Vivacqua Santos, n° 400 Jardim Camburi Shopping Norte Sul (27) 3024-6601
  • Cinemark, 8 movie theaters. Av. Américo Buaiz, 200, loja A15 Shopping Vitória (27) 3324-5973


At UFES (Federal University of Espírito Santo) [10], one can find Portuguese courses for foreigners at its Language Center [11]. There are beginners and intermediate courses, and each level takes 1 semester.


  • Shopping Vitória, With over 350 stores and 8 movie theaters this mall is visited by over 1.200,000 people monthly. Av. Américo Buaiz, , 200 - Enseada do Suá (27) 3335-1000 is a fairly standard shopping mall located near the Terceira Ponte.
  • Shopping Norte Sul, Much smaller mall with 110 stores and 4 movie theaters its visited by over 55,000 people weekly. Avenida Norte Sul - Jardim Camburi (27) 3317-4040
  • Shopping Jardins, A neighborhood mall with 30 stores and 2 movie theaters its well visited by locals as it also has offices on top of it providing convenient services to locals. Rua Carlos Eduardo Monteiro de Lemos, 262 - Jardim da Penha (27) 3314-5000
  • Shopping Rio Branco, This mall is known as the "Design Mall" with 54 stores focusing on interior design and architecture. Avenida Rio Branco, 274 - Santa Lúcia (27) 3285-4376
  • Vitória Decor, 9 stores focusing on interior design and home technologies. Rua Elias Tommasi Sobrinho, 274 Santa Lúcia (27) 3204-3307
  • Shopping Centro da Praia, one of the oldest malls in Vitória you will find some great clothing and jewelry stores. On top of the shopping center there is a hotel and an office building. Av. Ns. da Penha, 570 - Praia do Canto (27) 3225-020
  • Shopping Boulevard da Praia, one of the oldest malls in the city you can find some tech, clothing and service (hair and nail saloon...) stores. On top of the shopping center there is a residential building. Av. Ns. da Penha, 356 - Praia do Canto (27) 3315-6727
  • Tiffany Center, you will find some great clothing stores and travel agencies. The shopping center also has an office building. Av. Ns. da Penha, 595 - Praia do Canto (27) 3345-6993

Eat[edit][add listing]

Eat Out[edit]

Just south of Camburi is the Praia do Canto neighborhood, where you will find a couple of streets lined with restaurants of all types.

On the northwest part of the island, Ilha das Caieiras, situated near the mangrove forests, are the traditional Moqueca Capixaba restaurants, cooked with seafood from the very mangroves and Vitória bay, caught by the local fishermen.

Get there specially on the weekend for lunch along with capixabas from all metropolitan areas.

  • Soeta. Best gourmet experience in town. Menu "à la carte", and wonderfull tasting experiences with up to 22 dishes. Worldwide reputation. Rua Desembargador Sampaio, 332, Praia do Canto, Vitória - ES, (27) 3026-4433
  • The American Coffeetown. Wonderful café, with light dishes and cakes. R. João da Cruz, 370 - Praia do Canto, Vitória - ES, (27) 2142-9702.
  • Além do Doce. Sweets and more sweets. Amazing cakes, brigadeiros, and various desserts. Av. Ranulfo Barbosa dos Santos, 690 - Jardim Camburi, Vitória - ES, (27) 99971-0193.
  • Los Chicos. Traditional Mexican cuisine. Av. Des. Dermeval Lyrio, 56 - Mata da Praia, Vitória - ES, (27) 3207-7147.
  • Thalassa. Greek cuisine with a great view. R. da Grécia, 228 - Santa Luíza, Vitória - ES, (27) 3071-2495.
  • Baruk. Lebanese restaurant. Av. Rosendo Serapião de Souza Filho, 691 - 02/03 - Mata da Praia, Vitória - ES, (27) 3225-1541.
  • Peppe. Fantastic modern food experience. R. Elesbão Linhares, Nº 15 - LOJA 20 E 21 - Praia do Canto, Vitória - ES, (27) 99901-6828.
  • Lareira Portuguesa. Portuguese cuisine. Av. Saturnino de Brito, 260 - Enseada do Suá, Vitória - ES, (27) 3345-0331.
  • Enseada Geraldinho. Local cuisine - great place to have a moqueca. R. Aleixo Netto, 1603 - Praia do Canto, Vitória - ES, (27) 3324-6360.
  • By Rock Steakhouse. Steakhouse - perfect place to meet up with friends. R. Celso Calmon, 267 - Praia do Canto, Vitória - ES, (27) 2142-5086.
  • Papaguth. Seafood with a view. Opens during lunch only, 7 days a week. Praça do Papa - Av. Nossa Sra. dos Navegantes, 700 - Enseada do Suá, Vitória - ES, (27) 3225-5773.
  • Barlavento. Fantastic beach front restaurant & lounge. Av. Dante Michelini, Quiosque 01 - Jardim da Penha, Vitória - ES, (27) 99824-0486
  • Spaghetti & Cia. Italian cuisine. Av. Leitão da Silva, 377 - Bento Ferreira, Vitória - ES, (27) 3324-8866.
  • Ilha do Caranguejo. Seafood - known for the best place to have a caranguejo. R. Alcino Pereira Neto, 570 - Jardim Camburi, Vitória - ES, (27) 3395-0244.
  • Argento Parrilla. Argentinean cuisine. Av. Américo Buaiz, 200 - Enseada do Suá, Vitória - ES, (27) 3324-6033.
  • Oriundi. Italian cuisine. R. Elías Tomasi Sobrinho, 130 - Santa Lucia, Vitória - ES, (27) 3227-6989.

Eat In[edit]

You can order food in by calling your favorite restaurant or using one of the local apps/websites:

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Triángulo das Bermudas. This area between Joaquim Lírio and João da Cruz streets in Praia do Canto has a lot of bars and restaurants that are very popular, particularly on the weekends.
  • Rua da Lama, just west of the Camburi beach, near the federal university, there´s a string of bars commonly known as "rua tha Lama", very well attended by university students and the alternative tribes in the city.
  • Barlavento. Head upstairs for a fantastic view of the beach and great drinks. Av. Dante Michelini, Quiosque 01 - Jardim da Penha, Vitória - ES, (27) 99824-0486

Night Clubs[edit]

  • Woods, Av. Dante Michelini, 301 - Praia de Camburi, Vitória - ES (27) 99693-0057
  • Wanted Pub, Country Club - Live Music / DJ. R. Manoel Gonçalves Carneiro, 35 - Praia do Canto, Vitória - ES (27) 3207-6561
  • Bolt, Alternative Club - Live Music. Rua Darcy Grijó, 20 Jardim da Penha, Vitória - ES (27) 3311-5216
  • Stone, Rock n roll - Live Music. Rua Rômulo Samorini, 33 Praia do Canto, Vitória - ES (27) 3019-8178
  • Ilha Shows, Capicity: 4,000 - DJ / Live Music. Alameda Ponta Formosa, 350 - Praia do Canto (27) 3224-3726
  • Toro Club, Rua Doutor Eurico de Aguiar, 957 Santa Lúcia, Vitória – ES

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • Onça da Praia Hostel, Av. Saturnino Rangel Mauro, 525 - Pontal de Camburi, Vitória - ES (27) 3376-3308
  • A Oca, R. do Rosário, 114 - Centro, Vitória - ES (27) 99895-6110


  • Hotel Minuano, Av. Dante Michelini, 337 - Camburi, Vitória - ES Tel.(27) 2121-7877.
  • Ibis Budget, Av. Nossa Sra. da Penha, 1993 - Santa Lucia, Vitória - ES Tel.(27) 3205-6155
  • Pier Vitoria, Av. Dante Michelini, 321 - Jardim da Penha, Vitória - ES Tel.(27) 3434-0000.
  • Comfort Suites, Av. Saturnino de Brito, 1327, Vitória - ES Tel.(27) 3334-5300


  • Best Western Porto do Sol, Av. Dante Michelini, 3957 - Praia de Camburi, Vitória - ES Tel.(27) 3337-2244.
  • Comfort Suites, Av. Saturnino de Brito, 1327, - Praia do Canto, Vitória - ES Tel.(27) 3334-5300
  • Bourbon, Av. Dante Michelini, 435 - Praia de Camburi, Vitória - ES Tel.(27) 3203-6550.
  • Bristol La Residence, Av. Dante Michelini, 1777 - Mata da Praia, Vitória - ES Tel.(27) 3397-1300


  • Golden Tulip Porto Vitória, Av. Nossa Sra. dos Navegantes, 635 - Enseada do Suá, Vitória - ES, Tel.(27) 3533-1300.
  • Sheraton, Saturnino De Brito Avenue, 217 - Praia do Canto, Vitória - ES, Tel.(27) 2125-8000
  • Senac Ilha do Boi, R. Bráulio Macedo, 417 - Ilha do Boi, Vitória - ES, Tel.(27) 3345-0111


The area code for Vitória is 27.

Important phone numbers:

194 - Federal Police
197 - Local Police
190 - State Police
193 - Fire Departament
192 - Local Ambulance/Emergency line
27-3382-6000 - City Hall
27-3327-8879 - Airport
27-3203-3666 - Bus Terminal

Stay Safe[edit]

Crime and other hazards in Vitória are low for a major Brazilian city but just like any major city always remember to take some precautions.

Some neighborhoods (especially São Pedro, Santo Antônio, Vila Rubim and region) are more dangerous than average, and extra care should be taken there. It is even better to avoid walking in these areas at night if possible. Still, the biggest threats for tourists in Vitória are mostly pickpockets.

The safest place to have a night on the town is definitely in the Praia do Canto neighborhood, with its upscale crowd and police presence, greatly reducing the likelihood of crime.

Get out[edit]

  • Vila Velha — Famous for Convento da Penha (a 16th-century hilltop Franciscan convent), and the beaches of Praia da Costa, Itapuã, and Coqueiral de Itaparica.
  • Guarapari - A popular beach resort town. Famous for its lively ambiance, with many clubs and beach parties, especially during the summer months.
  • Domingos Martins - To get a taste of a town colonized by German immigrants, and the famous Pedra Azul (Blue Rock).
  • Santa Teresa - To get a taste of a town colonized by Italian immigrants.
  • Itaúnas - Famous for its dunes and forró, a Northeastern Brazilian dance.
  • Rio de Janeiro - World-known city famous for its breathtaking landscape and annual carnival.

Routes through Vitória
SalvadorPorto Seguro  N noframe S  GuarapariRio de Janeiro


  • Gt-flag.png Guatemala, R. José Alexandre Buaiz, 190 -s. 1412 - Enseada de Suá, 3314-3939 (, fax: 3340-9846).  edit
  • It-flag.png Italy, Rua Padre Antônio Ribeiro Pinto, 195, Salas 509/510 Praia do Suá, 3324-5631 (, fax: 3324-5732).  edit
  • Sp-flag.png Spain, Caixa Postal 5053 - Agência Leitão Silva, 9877-0042.  edit
  • Pl-flag.png Poland, Rua Lauro Soares Machado, c/12, Mata da Praia, 3227-6769 (, fax: 3345-3802).  edit
  • Gm-flag.png Germany, Rua José Alexandre Buaiz, 300, loja 04, Enseada de Suá, 3325-3107 (, fax: 3325-3881).  edit
  • Au-flag.png Austria, R. Henrique Moscoso, 833- s.102 - Ed.New York Center, 3229-1097 (, fax: 3325-1097).  edit
  • Iv-flag.png Cote D'Ivoire, Av. Saturnino de Brito, 735, 3325-2277 (fax: 3229-4481).  edit
  • Fi-flag.png Finland, Praça Costa Pereira, 52 - 9º andar, s. 906-912, 3232-4250 (, fax: 3232-4280).  edit

Twin Cities[edit]

  • Havana,, Cuba.  edit
  • Beirut,, Lebanon.  edit
  • Cascais,, Portugal.  edit
  • Dunkirk,, France.  edit
  • Mantua,, Italy.  edit
  • Miami,, USA.  edit
  • Oita,, Japan.  edit
  • Vila Velha,, Brazil.  edit
  • Vitoria-Gasteiz,, Spain.  edit

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