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Uummannaq in the summer.

Uummannaq is a city in Western Greenland. Uummannaq is a town of about 1,300 people with another 1,300 residing in the surrounding settlements. The main industry in the area is fishing for halibut, which has recently overtaken hunting as the principle industry for the town. The town is located about 500km north of the Arctic Circle, and the midnight sun is experienced from mid-May through August.

It is situated on a heartshaped island, hence its name, heartlike place.

Getting There[edit]

Airgreenland [3] flies from Ilulissat and Qaanaaq to the nearby airport at Qaarsut. From there a helicopter will take you to the heliport in Uummannaq. The easiest way to get to Uummannaq is to take a flight from Kangerlussuaq to Qaarsut with a layover in either Aasiaat or Ilulissat. Then take the 10-minute helicopter flight to Uummannaq, in the winter the journey from Qaarsut is easy by car, but by air is faster.

Get around[edit]

The city can be experienced on foot. The surrounding region can in the summer be visited by boat, and in winter by dogsled or snowmobile. Dog sleds are used during the winter months to travel around the city, to fishing sites, and to the nearby settlements.

See[edit][add listing]

Small iceberg in the Uummannaq harbor.


Whale safaris are available in Uummannaq from July through the fall. The fjord that surrounds Uummannaq is a whale watchers paradise. There is a good chance to see minke, humpback, fin and killer whales while on these safaris.

Midnight sun[edit]

Travelers can experience the midnight sun in Uummannaq from May 17th to July 28th.


The museum features an exhibition of copies of the costumes and mummies from the Qilakitsoq mummies found nearby. The museum is housed in what used to be the town hospital, dating back to 1880. The museum also features exhibitions from Alfred Wegener’s expedition of the area.

Qilakitsoq Mummies[edit]

First discovered in 1972 near the old winter settlement Qilakitsoq, these mummies date from 1475. The mummies are on exhibition at the Greenland National Museum in Nuuk. It is still possible to visit the site where they were found.

  • Uummannaq Museum, Alfred Berthelsenip Aqq. B-9, P.O. Box 26, 3961 Uummannaq, Greenland, (+299) 95 44 61 (). Small museum in town containing historical artifacts and traditional Inuit art. DKK 20.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

Aerial view of Uummannaq.


Heliskiing near Uummannaq is unbelievable. The best place to go is the Sernersuaq glacier on the large peninsula Nuussuaqq.


Skiing is part of everyday life in Uummannaq, especially on the ice fjords. It serves as a method of transport and a great way to see the local scenery.

Dog Sledding[edit]

The best time to take a dog sledding adventure is from February to April, during this time, the fjord that surrounds Uummannaq is frozen and the dog sled is the main method of transport between the town and the settlements.


Snowmobiling is a great way for tourist to travel between the settlements at Uummannaq. The easiest way to rent one is to check with the local tourist office in Uummannaq.

Ice Fishing[edit]

Ice fishing is a great way to get out on the frozen fjord in the winter and spend some time with the locals. The local fishermen travel out to the fishing sites on the fjord in the winter by dog sled to fish for halibut.

  • Uummannaq Tourist Office, Trollep Aqqutaa B 1342, P.O. Box 202, 3961 Uummannaq, Greenland, (+299) 95 15 18 (), [1]. Run in conjunction with Hotel Uummannaq. The tourist service can assist in planning different excursions like kayaking, or hiking to nearby iceberg lookouts. Pricing varies based on trip.  edit
  • Sports Centre Uummannaq, Aqqusernertaaq B-905, 3961 Uummannaq, (+299) 95 10 80.  edit
  • Explore Uummannaq Tourist Info (c/o Explore Uummannaq), 3961 Uummannaq, (+299) 24 79 40 (). Offers different types of hiking tours from Uummannaq such as Glacier tours, all day tours and BBQ tours. Tours from DKK 600 to DKK 1250 per person depending on tour, most tours require minimum number of people..  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Santa's Paradise sign in Uummannaq.
  • Ice & Sea View Homes, P.O. Box 201, 3961 Uummannaq, Greenland, (+299) 54 91 70 (+299) 54 94 35 (+299) 95 11 82 (), [2]. Several different private homes for rent in Uummannaq, with 1-5 bedrooms (prices vary depending on the number of people.) Each house includes private kitchen and bathroom facilities as well as an internet connection. 1-2 Persons DKK1000/night, 3+ Persons DKK1500/night.  edit

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