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My apologies to the person who thought that the “Stay save” section I edited was racist, but I really think it is important. Today I saw a loan young Aboriginal woman, who was doing nothing at all, being assaulted by a group of 3 African young men.

As I work around these two areas, I often see this, usually about 2-3 times a week depending how much I work, and it's both sides, one day it will be Aboriginal against African, the next it will be the other way around. Mirabooka Bus Station is often closed by Secure Force or the police and buses simply have to find another place to drop their passengers (not as easy as it sounds).

It's a sad fact of our Perth society, but it does put the general public at risk and so despite the obvious racial implications people need to know this.

It should be obvious that this is just a very small element of these groups.

I don't think it's appropriate to reference this statement with police reports, news articals from 7 perth and ABC, as well as radio logs from secure force, the polce, and path transit, because it may make the problem appear larger than it really is.

Regards.. Z80