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Hi Vik. You are doing a really good job on these articles! Well done! --SaxonWarrior 02:11, 15 July 2011 (EDT)

Soltau See[edit]

Hi there. Please don't revert my edit again. With only a few listings in the See section, there is no need to create lots of little subsections with only one or two things in each one. texugo 06:26, 21 September 2011 (EDT)

I know there is only a small listing however, i have been tasked with updating this page and have been given a deadline. They have told me they want all of these subsections in, if you keep taking them off then i am not going to hit this deadline!
I'm just doing my part to stick with our style manual. Whoever you are doing this for needs to understand that this is not a space where you allowed to just do whatever you want with format and content and expect it to stay the way you put it-- this is a fluid contributing environment where we all work together towards a common goal in a more-or-less standard format, so you need to resolve yourself to letting the rest of this edit your work as well. We do appreciate your contributions, but we can't freeze the article for your assignment. If you absolutely need a page to look a certain way, you are welcome to either link to a previous version of the page or copy the page to User:VikMeister/Soltau and do it up however you like. texugo 07:28, 21 September 2011 (EDT)

I need your help if possible? How can i get Soltau and Walsrodeup to guide status, you seem to know alot and your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi there. I've had a look at both articles, and did a little cleaning up. Here's my take:
  • Listing addresses should not include the city name (unless it is a different, neighboring city with no article of its own), and should never include postal codes. I went ahead and fixed as many as I saw.
  • The Get in sections should not duplicate airport information (address, phone numbers, websites, or other info). Hanover and Hamburg both already have write-ups with complete info on the airports, so we don't repeat that stuff here. I removed that stuff.
  • The Get in sections should be written from the perspective of how to get in to town, not how to get to the airport from town. I removed the directions to the airport.
  • The time formats should be changed throughout both articles. Currently, the proper time format is under discussion, so I believe that at the moment, either of the following formats is acceptable:
  • 9AM-5:30PM
  • 9:00-17:30
Note that single-digit hours have no leading zero, and we use a colon (:) to separate hours and minutes. The time format currently used in these two articles uses leading zeros and no comma, and thus should be changed to one of the above forms.
All in all, I think both articles are very close to Guide status. Let's clean them up just a little bit more... texugo 09:45, 27 September 2011 (EDT)

Ok i think i have done what you said so hopefully it should be at guide status. Thanks for your help!