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Reading your additions to Wikitravel, many of which thankfully have been deleted, you reveal yourself as being the type of person who gives western tourists a bad name: rude, ignorant & selfish. You should either grow up or stay in your own country.

The above comment was left anonymously by an unregistered editor from the United Kingdom IP address of
Ushi tora has clearly made useful edits, for example
Ushi tora: according to my own guidelines at UUTP you may delete the comments above if you have read them and find them harassing. --singaporeAlice 00:32, 24 November 2012 (EST)
The 1st comment is correct. I am currently at Phasith Guesthouse, about which Ushi tora posted this [1], and having got to know the (very helpful) owners I showed them his comments:- they remember him well, and that he was rude & unreasonable including demanding a whole manner of services & facilities which a low-cost guest house does not provide. They were very pleased when he left.

Your contributions[edit]

Hello Ushi tora! Thank you very much for all your valuable contributions on Wikitravel. They show that you have lots of local knowledge about the places you visit. I have to ask you though to refrain from using first person pronouns in your edits as Wikitravel articles, with rare exception, have no single author. Multiple contributors work on the same page, so it becomes confusing to understand who "I" refers to. I hope that this makes sense. I see also that your comments are very "direct" and sometimes very negative about places you stay at. I ask you to try to avoid negative reviews as there's no reason to clutter up a guide with lists of places travellers shouldn't go. We are trying to put personal feelings about destinations behind us, while sharing our knowledge and impressions with other Wikitravellers.

Again, please know that we value your contributions a lot, this is just a friendly message that will help us all improve this project. Please feel free to contact me at anytime, I am here to help. Warm regards, IBAlex 15:42, 7 February 2013 (EST)