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Hello Tryptamine dreamer! Welcome to Wikitravel.

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Thanks for all the useful edits! --Peter Talk 15:02, 21 March 2008 (EDT)

Nice work [1] on the Russia article! --Peter Talk 16:50, 14 September 2009 (EDT)

Gili Islands[edit]

Hi! thanks for your concise additions to the Gilis article! Judging by your username, I'm guessing you tried the shroomshakes while you were there? ;) cheers! Natataek 05:18, 6 February 2013 (EST)

Hi! I'm still on Gilis (now at Meno) and hopefully will add a few more local news/changes while here (haven't been for 2 years despite spending almost half ot that time in Indonesia). As about shrooms I'm not that much interested currently (in particular do not enjoy idea of buying), but if I'm lucky to spot some on a field here on Meno - it will be hard not to take a flight :) tryptamine dreamer 23:15, 8 February 2013 (EST)


Thanks for your edits to Thailand and Bangkok. Please try to be a little shorter though: we don't need to lecture readers about evil ATM fees, it's enough to tell readers how to avoid fees. Jpatokal 01:11, 20 February 2010 (EST)

Thanks for the addition to MBK! --globe-trotter 15:23, 17 November 2010 (EST)

Gili ferry prices[edit]

Hi Tryptamine dreamer, I know you meant well with your edit to the Gili Meno article but I reverted you edit and added some brief but more accurate information in its place. It looks like you got scammed. This is a common event there and sadly many people have been mucked about like this. I assure you the price to and from Gili A Rp 8,000 Gili M Rp 9,000 (1 way per person). Gili T is 10,000 (1 way per person) (note: edited Gili M price on 23 mar to correct typo/error). The scam is to make people believe they have missed the boat and then charge them exorbitant rates. Sometimes these scammers then just put people on the public boat and move onto their next ruse. As your information added credibility to the false prices you were quoted I removed that infor from the article so that other travellers would not inadvertently then assume that to be the official price. Maybe the day you travelled there was only the boat in the morning but that is highly unlikely. These pests have been getting away with these games for years and they are relentless in their methods. Thank you though for trying to improve the article with up-to-date information and refresh the content with information based upon your own experience. In this case though I think it would assist the scammers more than assist the traveller and I am more than certain this is not your intent. If you have other information you would like to contribute to that regions articles please do go ahead and please do not be put off by this edit reversion. -- felix 04:59, 2 March 2011 (EST)

Hi, Felix505. I've revised the edits you've made in Gili Meno & Gili Air articles, and have a few comments and corrections:
1. As of mid-February 2011, the price of Rp.8.000/10,000/12,000 was posted in the ticket office inside the building on the beach. Absolutely same, now it was 10,000 on Meno for a ticket to Bangsal - stated on the ticket booth right near the harbor, where everyone buys tickets. Looks like they've increased it, as on previous visit (May 2010) it was, yes, 8,000/9,000/10,000, if I remember right.
2. What means "informal" about inter-island service? Yes, maybe this service is provided by locals without an initiative from local government, aimed to tourists who'll certainly prefer to pay around the same money, but avoid traveling, waiting, and, possibly, missing a connecting boat in Bangsal. Maybe yes, it is not official, if you mean thet. But, if you see a boat schedule on all 3 Gilis (as well as in Bangsal harbor), inter-island service (called "island hopping") is clearly stated to operate twice a day, and the price is stated there too. I may mistake, but it has changed slightly, that's why I wrote "around Rp.20,000". Actually, in February it was Rp.23,000 for Gili A <-> Gili T and 20,000 for a trip between Meno and either of two others.
I used that inter-island service this February once (morning Gili Air-Gili Meno boat). Last May went same way (but by afternoon boat - it was just 4-5 people between Air and Meno, nevertheless, the boat was not canceled), plus had to take a day trip (for visiting ATM) to Trawangan later - morning boat there, afternoon back to Meno, shocked by what I've seen on Trawangan. All was ok, and I never ever heard about cancellations, etc., of this service. Of course, as the service is unofficial, I wouldn't recommend to use it for anyone having to hurry elsewhere on the same day. But, as far as I can see, now it's quite reliable, not less than an official service to Bangsal.
3. About Gili Air Rp.170,000 - that price is not from my imagination, I've seen that number written on the big schedule posted at Bangsal harbor, near/above the ticket office. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if someone will try and charge more from tourists. Can't help about that, hm.
4. "As of February 2011, the last boat to Gili Air was leaving at 11AM". Hm, it was so at least on 17 February this year. We (me and my girlfriend, she's Indonesian) arrived by taxi (Rp.50,000, after hard bargaining, used taxi as bemo via Ampenan would be Rp.30,000) from Senggigi late, around 11.30AM. Taxi dropped us half way to the harbor, and we walked to the harbor, where we went directly to the building where there's a ticket office. I've been on Gilis already with my friends last May, so I already knew where is it. There my gf asked in the ticket office, is there any boat to Air. They replied no, but told there'll be a boat to Meno at 2PM, as well as nearly-hourly boats to Trawangan. Where's a scam here and who could lie? ticket officers at office AND a big schedule on the wall, same time? Maybe before there was service to Air at afternoon, yes, but even official boat schedule may change.
Anyway, after that I decided (as my gf didn't have too much time/money for the trip, and we were planning to leave Gilis in just 8-9 days) better we still go first to Air, not Meno, even we would have to pay more. We considered to wait for Trawangan boat, go there, and then catch an afternoon island hopping boat to Trawangan. This would be Rp.66,000 for two persons instead of Rp.16,000, or Rp.20,000 if to Meno. Meanwhile, some guy hanging around, who heard we are talking about Air, offered us to go to Air with a his private boat. Initial offer was Rp.100,000 for both of us, which was instantly refused (I'm not a holiday tourist, I am not rich, I live mostly in SE Asia since Nov'2008 (you can see my trip schedules on my page, if interested), can earn not so much, and, therefore, can't waste money; as of my girlfriend, she gets even less money than me, even though she HAS, and pays too, btw). But when he dropped the price to Rp.50,000 (that is 25,000/person), we agreed - simply because it was cheaper and more convenient for us to go directly. So, finally we paid 50,000 for both. Worse than 16,000 if we would come earlier.. but better and faster, than via Trawangan.
Where's the scam here? and what was incorrect? I also was sure there's at least boat afternoon, otherwise we could hurry and arrive late. My comment about current (February 2011) situation about last boat departing at 11AM wouldn't make it worse - at worst, someone will just wake up earlier. But the lack of that comment may lead to the situation when someone also would get stuck on Bangsal, and then would have to choose either inconvenient long trip via Gili T, or an overpriced "private" trip. Therefore, my opinion is that this information should be re-posted, unless there will be documented (current photo, document, link to official website, etc.) proof ot contrary. It's better to be on the safe side, than to get the reason for locals to rip you off.
About bargaining with private boat guys - I think this information wouldn't harm, too. If someone will get in the similar situation (late to direct boat) - it's good to have a price of indirect trip as an argument, while bargaining with money-hungry locals.
And, actually, what "false" prices are you talking about. About official / inter island boat - I posted exactly what I've seen in both Bangsal and Gilis. About the price which may be offered for a private ride in case you're late - well, I told about initial offers (foreigners travelling without Indonesian person and/or looking too "white", sure, could be offered even more crazy amount), and about how finally we dropped the price to somewhat reasonable. And I clearly stated it is NOT an official price, and that we had to do that, just because were told (in the official ticket office) that the last direct boat to Air have already gone.
Of course, I appreciate adding more information about possible scams (even though myself I've noticed anything too many of them compared to, say, many places on Bali). But, please, do not delete my own information too. Or you have some more recent (I left Gilis on 25 February 2011) information? if yes, and I am no more right, I am ready to drop any of my complaints which are no longer actual.
5. Can't understand why you've deleted an information about inter-island boat from Gili Air article. The boat (while maybe not so official) seems to be reliable, see section #2 above. Perhaps you should return that information (even maybe with note that the service is not official, and, and such, may not be 100% relied upon).
P.S. sorry for my imperfect (and probably SEAsian-pidgin-spoiled :-D ) English - I'm just lazy to correct so long text, especially as it's just for a talk page.--tryptamine dreamer 13:14, 22 March 2011 (EDT) @ Jakarta, Indonesia
Hi tryptamine dreamer, Dmitry, please don't think that I am (or was) intentionally meaning to be dismissive toward you in my edit notes. WT edit notes are a potential land-mine situation, like sms it can be a bit tricky getting the nuances through as well as the information as the message space is limited. Also I do not, and had no intention to cast aspersions upon your perception, negotiating abilities or general astuteness as a traveller in my comments above. In fact it appears you dealt with the situation at Bangsal with some success and you clearly made a considered and very well intentioned attempt to assist both the WT article/s and the traveller with your comments and information. I am actually very impressed with your negotiation skills in getting you both over to Gili Air for Rp 50,000. That is roughly the same price as the Shuttle boat (Rp 26,000/person departing 5PM) supplementary service in the late afternoon. The official Charter boat price is (Bangsal to Gili Air 1 way-Rp 155,000). However I still think you got scammed, you just came out of it much more successfully than most do. Being unsure of your time of arrival at Bangsal it is hard to know if you had already missed the last Public boat service or not, however getting out of there for the same price as the Shuttle boat is a very good outcome, indeed just getting out of Bangsal with out waiting around for the 5PM Shuttle boat is a good outcome in itself. There are Public boats during the afternoon though, only yesterday I was watching them unload their passengers on the beach at Gili Air after 3:30PM. I think you may have been diverted from using an available public boat that afternoon but due to your negotiating skills you fortunately paid only a fair price for a private charter. If you were genuinely were too late for the last Public boat then you did very well. I might add that there are a few people there at Bangsal who are OK, especially amongst the older guys, Udin comes to mind, he is an affable slightly chubby guy with a very pleasant disposition. He is a genuinely nice guy, unlike some of the younger, excitable and opportunistic younger ones who are often abusive and aggressive and appear to be infected with a pathological liar virus. Last week a tourist got punched in the face by one of these touts who is well known for lying and misleading tourists. It was prompted by the tourist refusing to buy an insect repellant for Rp 100,000. He was travelling with 2 Russian girls who were apparently quite upset, as was the victim of this assault. Hopefully there will be a police presence established there soon as the situation is becoming absurd. This is just another of the scams there, these touts often set upon tourists trying to sell overpriced insect repellent claiming it cannot be purchased on the islands, this is of course a complete falsehood, there are shops and warungs there and they sell mosquito repellant.
Bangsal and the Gili islands are a mess when it comes to the boat transport. It is controlled by a Koperasi which is entirely self-serving and controlled by 6 individuals. Hence I say it is a cartel rather than by definition a community co-operative as it is meant to be. Theoretically it is under the control of North Lombok Regency (Kabupaten Lombok Utara) (KLU). There is a basic Wikipedia article on Kabupaten Lombok Utara that has some limited info on the regional administration structure and the region.
Kabupaten Lombok Utara struggles to have any control over the Koperasi and to be frank I don't see them having any real control at all. There are elements in the KLU administration who are very motivated to get rid of them but as of yet have found no way to do so. As some people benefit considerably from the resulting chaos in Lombok-Gili and inter Gili transport the KLU do not want to have a riot on their hands if they try to either reform it or disband it. I have no doubt about the information you have provided in that I am sure it is both sincere and most likely accurate in regard to your own personal experience there. However I stand by my original edit that removed it as it was potentially misleading. My edit at that time was only a temporary fix and I returned soon afterwards with a comprehensive review of that section. As to the source of my information I am working from the current official decree per Pengumuman Dinas Perhubungan Lombok Barat no.:551/662/V/dishub tanggal 26 mei 2008. This decree was enacted prior to the inauguration of the current Bupati and the official commencement of an independent Lombok North Regency on 26 july 2011. North Lombok was previously covered by Kabupaten Lombok Barat (West Lombok Regency) and then an extended transitional hand over period to the new administration and elected Executive officers. Hence it is a West Lombok gov decree rather than a North Lombok gov decree.
Indeed due to your own quite reasonable attempts to address this issue I got sufficiently motivated to do what I had been intending to do for some time, that is; to review the 3 Gili articles and attempt to properly describe the official services run by the Koperasi. It is confusing as there are several defined services
  • Public boat a ferry service that has the 3 set prices GT=Rp 10,000, GM=Rp 9,000, GA=Rp 8,000. Yes I know I wrote it up previously as GT=10,000 and the other two both 8,000, I was just in a muddle and a bit of a rush and I subsequently came back to the whole thing and did it thoroughly afterwards as per the 2008 decree info.
  • Shuttle boat this supplements but at a higher price. Sometimes the touts exploit this and charge Shuttle boat prices for a Public boat service, this is what I thought had happened to you as I think you mentioned travelling at 11AM and that should have been a Public boat.
  • Island hopping boat Your information on the Island hopping boat service was not far off the mark but that service is often mixed up and confused with an informal inter-island arrangement. The Public boat crew sometimes enter into ad-hoc arrangements with passengers, that is the "informal" arrangement I was referring to, as opposed to the official Island hopping service which you may have been involved with later when you went to the ATM on Gili T, or maybe not. Some of the Island hopping boats have that written on the hulls. Everyone is confused, even some people who live on the islands have no idea what is for real and what is a ruse and others are just exploiting it as an opportunity to scam visitors and locals.
So after scrubbing out your info as I felt it was (un-intentionally) potentially misleading I set to work on replacing that with a full outline sourced from the official decree no.:551/662/V/dishub tanggal 26 mei 2008. By the way when I was on Gili Air yesterday I noted the all the prices on the wall had been 'scrubbed' out and were empty. On the window of the ticket office there was a quite fresh looking (and accurate) brief outline of the Public, Shuttle and Island-hopping official charges. I did a 'test' enquiry playing a 'dumb' tourist role and I was quoted the correct price (Rp 8,000) to go on the afternoon boat back to Bangsal. I was there as part of an official government visit so I am not entirely convinced my playing 'dumb' was very well executed as I suspect they already knew who I was and were already a bit keyed up by our presence. It may explain the 'missing' prices on the wall and the crisp fresh paper list on the window. Have a look at my recent edits on Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan and Bangsal and I think you will see where my edits to your contributions were leading
Having looked over your contribution history I do recognise that your are a long term and now established contributor at Wikitravel but do make sure you have a read-up on the Manual of style article as there are quite a few guidelines on things like using first person pronouns and second person pronouns, POV as well as info on how to do external links. WT has a firm policy on those external links and in my opinion your 3 listing presents an interesting conflict between that and seeking a good page typographical look for that link. The Gili islands/Bangsal situation is a bit odd, you just stumbled inadvertently into a quagmire of local conflict and misinformation, tricks, games and illusions, if it is of any reassurance it is a puzzle even for Lombok residents.
BTY, there is a highly respected and long term Russian editor here on the English language version of WT. DenisYurkin does a lot of great work and you might like to look over his user page and some of his contributions as I think you might have a few things in common.
Someone who travels about as much as you do and likes to write is a welcome and valuable addition to the WT community of editors. You should not worry about your less than perfect English, it is not too bad anyway and better than many native speakers manage to come up with. As you no doubt already understand if your edits are worthwhile in content another editor will just come along and fix up any serious grammatical issues that you may inadvertently create in an article. Here on your own talk page you should be able to relax about that. After all as you noted yourself, it is just a talk page. Really it is the article content that is more important. I am a native english speaker and despite that I make plenty enough mistakes myself, I think we all do. If you need any reassurance browse the Indian and Malaysian articles, the English as as second language issues there can get quite heated at times, especially when someone thinks it is a personal slight when someone corrects their English.
To digress a little, what were you doing drinking warm beer in Jakarta?...I think there is more to your story than you are letting on to.-- felix 08:57, 23 March 2011 (EDT)

Australian (tourism) visitor visa application details // applying from Indonesia[edit]

Hi Tryptamine dreamer, I somehow stumbled back onto your user page and read through your travel and wish list. You are correct about Australia, it really is a bit expensive and even NZ is creeping ever upward even with it's lower dollar. I know nothing personally about applying for an Australian Visitor visa from either Russia or when in Thailand but this link may offer some assistance AU embassy Russia. I noticed you mentioned you had an Indonesian GF and liked to hang out in Jakarta. There is a substantial Au embassy in Jakarta and they have an Immigration section there. Appointments required. The visitor visas are handled of site by a government appointed contractor. If you are likely to be in Indonesia it may be better to do it there in case ypu have to wait for a processing. They also have a Consulate in Bali and they handle a lot of foreign visa applications there as it is such a popular transit point. They use an outside contractor, Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in both Jakarta and Bali for processing vias applications and to provide a 'shopfront'. You might want to contact the AU embassy in Moscow in the first instance. Unfortunately Russian citizens are not eligible for Australia's Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).

"VFS, operator of the Australian Visa Application Centre, is an experienced company offering visa support services to DIAC and other diplomatic missions in India, UK, France, Spin, Morocco, Russia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, People’s Republic of China, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Nigeria, Malaysia, among others."


  • Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in Jakarta Indonesia
  • Address VAAC: Plaza ASIA, Lt. 22, Zone C , Jl Jendral Sudirman Kav 59 , Jakarta 12190
  • Opening Hours: 08.30 to 16.00 Monday to Friday (Except on Public Holidays)
  • Submission: Travel Agents 08.30 - 12.00, Individual 08.30 – 16.00
  • Collection: Travel Agents 08.30 - 12.00, Individual 14.00 – 16.00
  • Email VAAC: ([email protected]) VAAC-visa shopfront homepage


  • Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in Denpasar, Bal
  • AVAC address: Perkantoran Grand Sudirman Blok B-28, Jalan PB Sudirman, Denpasar - Bali 80114
  • Helpline: ☎ +62 361-241078
  • AVAC-visa shopfront email: ([email protected])

Happy travels, I hope this assists if you are keen on another trip south. -- felix 07:18, 2 March 2011 (EST)

Thanks Felix, hope I could do that some time. Now there's a bit tough situation for both me and my GF concerning job (she finished univ and has to find something serious than her current job; and the company in Russia where I work remotely owes me a lot. but doesn't pay, so I had to halt my work for them during last months too). Hopefully it'll get fixed (anyway, "back to Russia" is no more an option for me, if it ever was after Nov'2008), and then... well some time I could visit AU (as well as NZ). Thanks to AirAsia, at least flying there could be now cheap even for me, sometimes. :-D unlike to Russia--tryptamine dreamer 13:22, 22 March 2011 (EDT)
Hi Dmitry, check out the Student visa situation, your GF may be eligable for a Student visa for post graduate or other study. Depending upon your relationship status you may qualify as a 'common law' partner even if you are not married and therefore maybe able to piggyback on that. Also I note you have some established skills, if you can set up an employment offer that may assist as well. Otherwise you should both get a Visitor visa OK. Be warned though, Australia is often fiendishly expensive even if getting there is reasonably affordable from SQ, Bali, or KL and many other asian airports. A working holiday or study visit might take the edge off that though and Student visa holders can normally be employed formally under their visa catagory. -- cheers--felix 09:11, 23 March 2011 (EDT)

Indonesian articles[edit]

Hi Tryptamine dreamer, I notice you are doing some more work on the Indonesian articles. I also noticed you just created a frontlink on the Indonesia article. Frankly I have no problems with doing such things and in the case of your edit ..."Cheapest monthly Internet offer, as of March 2011, seems to originate from 3," Personally I think it often actually helps but it is completely against established WT external links guidelines. You should undo it so that another editor does not need to. Maybe do this instead -- '''''3''''' [] -- and it will look like this -- ...seems to originate from 3 [2] or ...seems to originate from the 3 network [3]

On an entirely different matter the Indonesian articles have an established style to displaying Rupiah amounts. Rp 00,000 is the established format with a space after Rp and using a comma in the numerals. Rp 1 million, Rp 1,000,000, Rp 1,5 million or Rp 1,500,000. Please don't use RP, Rupiah or Indonesian Rupiah unless you are clarifying IDR or Rp in a section specifically detailing currency issues of some kind. We are also using ☎ +62 21 5555 5555 (jakarta) or with a 3 digit prefix ☎ +62 361 5555 5555 (bali).

BTY Bintang beer started out as a local Heineken 'copy', hence the red star. You might want to mention Guinness [4] as that is very popular in Indonesia. You have mentioned Ankar but you seem to have overlooked Carlsberg [5], another popular local brewed beer in Indonesia since 1982 (under licence of course). I am not sure about locals liking a beer warm, that is more just a lack of cold facilities I think. In my experience from kampung people thru to company directors, politicians, bar flies and casual drinkers they all generally prefer it cold, including the darker beers and even seek out cold glasses if the opportunity is there. If you have been hanging out with some blokes in a warung somewhere they may have been drinking it warm. I have often been offered a warm beer fresh from the shop or warung so I understand your comment. Sometimes people put ice in it which of course should be discouraged. It is not the preferred thing though in Indonesia, more just an outcome of a lack of refrigeration on the occasion.

Your advice on the transit bus is good but I think the taxi info may be incorrect. I am unsure as I have never done it preferring to only use the bus as sometimes a wait for a taxi can be drawn out. Also as you know no one is meant to leave in a taxi without using the docket system and to do a terminal change is complicated by that. If really needing to use a taxi for a terminal change a traveller is probably better off using a Silverbird (small additional premium on the flagfall and meter) or Bluebird as the drivers have more sense about them. When I have to do a terminal change at CGK I just use the bus. Once I was in a real jam and I flagged down one of the airport staff Kijangs full of cleaners and they took me along, there no were taxis around and the bus did not show up fast enough. I would have missed my plane otherwise. If you are in Jakarta now perhaps when you leave have a talk with the Bluebird concierge on the roadside outside one of the arrival areas and ask about it. Rp 50,000 is crazy, as far as I know it is just a regular metered just need to say you are not leaving the airport so the normal additional charge zoned destination docket is not issued. The main issue would be a driver losing his queue position in a quieter period and only getting a short inter-terminal trip. The inter-terminal shuttle runs between T1-T2-T3, and for as long as I can remember it has been yellow. Sometimes I have seen a chartered bus being used and they put a temporary sign on it. Similar to the situation with the Gili ferry, it is best not to put a price in an article unless you are quite sure. If unsure say something like "may need to pay up to as much as Rp 50,000 to encourage the driver to take you if he refuses to use the meter" or something similar. That way we do not inadvertently set a price or payment expectation that is well outside the normal.

Keep up the good work on the articles and try and follow those formatting guidelines, even if the rest of the article does not seem to be. If you feel so motivated go ahead and change any that you come across to match. Don't forget it is 5PM or 5:30AM, not 5 pm or 5 PM, or 17:00 or 5:00PM. Lengths are generally XX.X m (YY.Y ft), XX km (YY mi) and similar. -- felix 02:34, 3 March 2011 (EST)


I already have some thoughts what to reply (and what to do, say, about fixing external links), but better I'll put my reply later, when it's ready for the whole your post. Hopefully I'll do in a few days, as this Saturday I start my almost 3,5-weeks-long trip to TH via MY.. probably less time to sit online then :) Now just too tired, sorry, it's half past midnight in Jkt.

tryptamine dreamer 13:33, 22 March 2011 (EDT)

Don't worry, it will keep. Just enjoy your trip. cheers--felix 09:12, 23 March 2011 (EDT)
some thoughts about what you've told above 7,5 months ago... hm but it was NOT me who wrote about Rp 50,000 for taxi between terminals, I've just edited that part of article, and this number was already there... From what I heard from people (was curious after seeing so high price), looks it's actually rip off, but as I never tried taxi transfer between terminals myself (I had connection in CGK just once with several hours between flights, so I used bus), I can't confirm that and put the correct price
About Rupiah... for me, the usual form is "Rp.100000" (or even "Rp.100 000"), but as in Wikitravel it's common to use commas as a separator for 1000's, I think I always wrote "Rp.100,000". Well, at least after reading this I'll try not to write a dot :) tryptamine dreamer 08:35, 23 October 2011 (EDT)
Selamat datang di Indonesia. I assume lacking the SOSBUD you were probably applying for in KL you most likely then entered Indonesia using a VOA. You can extend them by 30 days for a cost of Rp250,000. So 30 days + 30 days. No need to go to SG, unless you want to. Just go to the kantor imigrasi around 10 days prior your VOA expiring. -- cheers felix 03:18, 23 October 2011 (EDT)
terima kasih :) yes, I'm now on VoA. And I did VoA extension before, once this and once last year. Last time (end of February, KI Jakarta Selatan) it was quite fast (mb 10 min wait on first visit, almost none on second, but I came before lunch so after I paid 250rb they told me to come after 1pm, I just went to nearby mall and sat in coffee shop online till 1.45, after that came and got passport instantly), totally hassle-free, and the officer even could speak reasonable English! And I stay now in south Jakarta, so it's same office if I do it again
But.. with extension I still have to leave on or before 17 December. And that's what I'm not sure about, even though it was my original plan. If I leave later, then with extension or no, but I'll have to do visa run. Well, if finally so, I also plan to look for job opportunities in Singapore. Plus I can go on any day, so can choose the cheapest tickets. tryptamine dreamer 08:05, 23 October 2011 (EDT)
Sounds good, great that you have been able to get back again and I hope things work out for you here, or in SG. Don't forget about Malaysia, there may be some opportunities for you there as well. It is always good to keep some flexibility with these visa and departure date things, I think you are very sensible to be working around that. Good luck with everything and kasih salam ke pacarnya.--felix 03:05, 24 October 2011 (EDT)
None about job so far - at worst, I consider going to Moscow as early as in March! as from the past few years I really dislike the situation when I'm in SE Asia and, as many believe, should be totally happy just because of that, but do not get paid on time and/or have no work at all, run out of money and have only some passive income left. While it's still enough (for Jakarta or Bangkok, equal to above average salary, and my girlfriend does not depend on me financially at all) for living, this situation is very frustrating and boring.
Well, hope things will get better. At least, this season my gf can travel with me to India. And, as double promo Kolkata to Bangkok + Penang or KL to Jakarta was cheaper than "usual" connection from South India via KL, why not? So we'll have very long (more details on my page) and totally cheap (even Mochi was surprised, how can _sleeper_ class there cost same as totally crazy "ekonomi" here) train journey in India, then visit Thailand :) after all, I first met her "offline" in Bkk, and she likes this country as much as me only after two short visits.
About Indo visa - finally I've extended VoA. As before, got back my passport on 2nd visit, 45 minutes or so after paying the extension fee. As of the next one - if I'll go to Russia in March, I won't need it until next Aug/Sep/Oct; otherwise, I plan to make a Sosbud (and to insist on Sosbud rather than usual 60-day visa like they made for me this year) in Bangkok. Should be easy, considering that the inviting party will also be in Bkk that time. tryptamine dreamer 10:26, 30 November 2011 (EST)

Thank you[edit]

Thank you for your recent valuable contributions on Gili Trawangan and Gili Islands pages! Highly appreciated! Please keep it up! Warm regards, IBAlex 19:27, 13 February 2013 (EST)