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Test test...

Hello Tonikar! Welcome to Wikitravel.

To help you start contributing, we've created a quick contribution guide and a tips for new contributors page, full of helpful links about policies and guidelines and style as well as some important information on copyleft and basic stuff like how to edit a page.

The owners of hotels, restaurants, bars, attractions, and other businesses useful to travellers can share information that helps others in their travels. However, they should adhere strictly to our policies and guidance.

If you need help, check out Wikitravel:Help, or post a message in the travellers' pub. --Binbin (talk) 23:14, 16 February 2017 (EST)

What is going on??[edit]

You welcome me and then you turn me away. What is the problem??


I saw one of your contributions that doesn't go along with our guidelines about [[ | Negative Reviews]]

  • Hare and Hounds, Timothy Taylors pub, was attacked by a man with an axe in here and lost over five pints of blood, survived to tell the tale. Also very good sausage and mash!


You have no right to delete a comment without any explanation regarding policy violation. Be kind with me and explain what is wrong. Thanks. Wintereu (talk) 19:21, 10 April 2017 (EDT)

Hey there! I am very sorry. It is my fault. I have undone my edit, and your comment still stands. I just thought your comment was unnecessary at first glance. I just now saw that it was on your talk page. My human error gets the best of me sometimes. Tonikar (talk) 17:02, 10 April 2017 (PST)

Spam filter(s)[edit]

Hi Tonikar, thank you very much for your message on my talk page and your quick response to update the ja: spam filter(s). It seems to work well so far, I think.--Shoestring (talk) 07:49, 12 April 2017 (EDT)


Hi Tonikar, I originally posted at Wikitravel:Travellers'_pub#Issue however I was told to come here,
Basically on my talkpage when I remove the "If you feel that I have reverted" box as well as try to archive the page I keep getting "This action has been automatically identified as harmful, and therefore disallowed. If you believe your action was constructive, please inform an administrator of what you were trying to do. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: TS Page Title Block",
According to User:IBobi it's a vandalism protection filter (This does indeed appear in my abuse log thingy),

When I first came here I was constantly being logged out which I assumed was something to do with the site but maybe not...,

Anyway any idea why I'm getting the message ?, Thanks, Davey2010 (talk) 19:04, 20 April 2017 (EDT)

  • I've tried to edit an article and it's worked no problem but I just can't seem to edit (or post new sections) on my talkpage at all, Thanks, Davey2010 (talk) 19:14, 20 April 2017 (EDT)
Hey there! Davey2010 Yes. This is probably the most direct way to contact admins on the site-- through talk pages. The site has been experiencing some issues with login lately, but if you choose the 'Remember Me' option beneath your password it seems to resolve the issue. I was able to remove the box, but I will be sure to look into why the abuse filter is sending you that message when you try to archive. Glad to have you back! Thanks for reaching out! Tonikar (talk) 17:09, 20 April 2017 (PST)
Hi Tonikar, Annoyingly as I'm an editor at EN Wikipedia everything that I could think of (Wikitravel:admins, ANI etc etc) all didn't work so in the end I figured the pub board was the best option lol, Ah brilliant thank you :),
So is there any way it can be stopped as I can't even edit my own userpage neither?, Seems a bit dumb to allow me to edit articles and other editors talkpages yet at the same time blocking me from editing my own stuff ?, Makes no sense lol,
Also is there a way to disable the publish crap ? - I write everything in the edit summary just to have another box pop up asking me to retype what I just wrote ....
Thanks for your help, Davey2010 (talk) 20:37, 20 April 2017 (EDT)
Hi again, So I cleared my cookies & cache but now when I try to log in I get "There seems to be a problem with your login session; this action has been canceled as a precaution against session hijacking. Go back to the previous page, reload that page and then try again." but when I retry logging in again (not refreshing the page) - It works!,
It didn't recognise the password the first time but appeared too the second time ?, I've never had any issues with logging in however I've read there was an upgrade a few months after my last edit so I'm assuming it's related to that ?,
At present something needs to be done as as I said I can't edit my own userpage or talkpage which is a major problem and then there's the login issues now,
Thanks again and forgot to say - It's great to be back! :)... Not sure how long it'll last lol, Thanks, Davey2010 (talk) 20:50, 20 April 2017 (EDT)
Hi again, None of my preferences work either - When I tick a box and click save nothing actually gets saved .... so I believe this is something to do with the upgrade or atleast an issue to do with my account ?, Anyway sorry for the constant messages it's just I'm clueless as to who to ask or where, Anyway thanks again, Have a nice day. Davey2010 (talk) 21:28, 20 April 2017 (EDT)
Hey again Davey2010! So the vandalism filter has been disabled as of now, so you can go ahead and move forward with your edits. Also, we are currently working on the preferences issue. So please bear with us! Also,
when logging in make sure to check the REMEMBER ME button upon login. I am keeping a special eye on the login issue (cause it happens to me too), and if it keeps happening I will have to look into it more. Thanks for the feedback! Tonikar (talk) 11:11, 21 April 2017 (PST)
Hi again Tonikar, Okie dokie brilliant thank you very much :),
Oh okay not a problem - I only wanted to change my time zone thingy and disable the publish thingy that was all,
I had ticked Remember Me before and I was still logged out so figured it wouldn't make any difference but I've not been logged out today so hpefully it's a good sign :),
Well in the nicest possible way I hope I don't see you again Emojione 1F60B.svg, Thanks for all your help it's much appreciated :),
Enjoy the rest of your weekend :), Thanks, Davey2010 (talk) 18:28, 21 April 2017 (EDT)