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Hello pippen this is strider. Just googled you and got this. How goes it? Email me. Still in Korea.

Stephen: I'm not going to bother with my usual welcome message; I'm pretty sure you know your way around already. I'm looking forward to your input on the way Wikitravel works. Welcome aboard! -- Evan 14:17, 12 Aug 2003 (PDT)

Stephen: Would you mind reposting/reformulating the ideas that were in the travellers' pub for the Wikitravel:Cooperation page? I think you've got the best concept of what we can do; I want to make sure we get this started. -- Evan 15:07, 9 Sep 2003 (PDT)

I wanted to let you know that I broke up Wikitravel:Cooperation into a few different pages:

You might also be interested in Wikitravel:links to Wikipedia, since we now have a way to link to Wikipedia out-of-page. -- Evan 19:50, 23 Nov 2003 (PST)