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Welcome to Wikitravel, Brian! I don't log on here much any more (haven't been traveling nearly as much as ten years ago, between changed work responsibilities and some minor health issues) and didn't notice your message until just now.

As for improving the Los Alamos article, just jump in and do it! There's no particular protocol to follow, other than the style guide, and you won't step on anyone's toes (certainly not mine) by editing. It sounds entirely consistent with your other interests to do so. Plenty of room for other Northern New Mexico edits, too ... One place where improvements would be most welcome is in photography. It should surely be possible to get a better shot of Fuller Lodge than that one, which I took years ago, and there are other things worth photographing. Wikitravel isn't a "photo album" kind of place, but a couple of illustrative shots per article are a good thing. Got any good shots of the mesas as seen from NM 502? Something like that might make a better overview than the mediocre lodge picture.

I'm in P division at the moment after spending most of my 30-year career in N. Most of my time is spent looking at data from old Nevada tests, but I also have some program-management responsibilities in nonproliferation and arms control, and I'm starting to travel again in connection with those -- although there isn't really much I can add about Washington (was in a conference room on the 6th floor of the DOE building when the earthquake hit, that was ... interesting ...), and who wants to read about Amarillo anyway? :-)

Might be fun to swap notes some time. My climbing/caving days are well in the past, but based on your handle, we probably have some interests in common ... -- Bill-on-the-Hill 12:32, 18 September 2011 (EDT)