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Hi people, there are lots of route to munnar from tamil nadu like from kodaikanal to munnar via theni then pollachi to munnar via udumalpet etc but if you want to enjoy your trip all alone with nature and its beauty means the only route i must specify is Example.jpgpollachi-Example.jpg aanaimalaiExample.jpg- Example.jpgvalparaiExample.jpg- Example.jpgExample.jpgaanaimudi- munnar.

its a good route which has pure Example.jpgrainforest sorrounded by fog all round the year. the scenic beauty is unexplainable in words like many wild animals deer, cheetah, elephants, lion tailes monke, wild buffaloes etc etc and all the ways you will find forest on oneside and tea plantations on the other side with dozens of waterfallsExample.jpg

accompanied. its a good place for friends to trip on bike and for honeymooners its about 140 kms 

myself went with my friends for more than three time and we are wishing to trip again by this month end. and friends who are to go on bike take two litres of petrolExample.jpg for your bike coz there s no petrol bunk between valparai to munnar, the last bunk is at valparai.

the interesting fact is, if you wish to step your feet on south india's highest peak 'anaimudi'Example.jpg, the only easier route is this one AND also you can visit three dams on your way.Example.jpg warning- after reaching anaimalai fill your car and bike fuels. ENJOY YOUR TRIP FRIENDS........ PREMKUMAR,NEYVELI/ ERODE/CHENNAI/BANGALORE