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: at the start of a line indents the line. works like the TAB character
you can put more than one
  1. # at the start of each element
  2. creates an indented
  3. numbered list
  • * indents and places a bullet point
    • :#* can be combined, but there is little need
    • and it quickly goes wrong
  1. ::#may be useful for indenting lists within lists

[[test]] creates a link where 'test' is another Wiki article. Articles are all referenced by the titles, so the link for the page called [[UNESCO World Heritage List]] is exactly that. It is case sensitive and red links are either invalid UNESCO World heritage List or link to a page which does not exist (doing it is allowed) and blue links are the opposite UNESCO World Heritage List.

[ Transport Infoline] creates a link to an external resource labelled Transport Infoline

'''something''' will make something

''something'' will make something

Multiple whitespace characters are collapsed to a single space, so you can't make nice looking tabbed lists. Single carriage returns are removed, so a blank line must be put between paragraphs. These 4 sentences each start on a new line in the source. Even if you enclose text in <nowiki> tags, it still mucks about with whitespace but doesn't process '''other''' ''formatting''.

Spelling should be US English

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Hello Rjhodgson!

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Thank you for vastly improving both Wollongong and Lake District. -- Huttite 16:21, 13 Jan 2005 (EST)

Please feel free to edit any of my Tunisia content, it's been around 5 years since I last set foot in the country! Jpatokal 00:51, 17 Jan 2005 (EST)