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Hi Priyadarshi! First, sorry about that rather brusque redirect. Thanks for registering, and I would have provided more explanation if the changes hadn't been done by you anonymously, but here is the explanation: Talk:Bangalore#Koramangala. The more detailed explanation is that at Wikitravel, we like to keep things structured. In particular, look at Wikitravel:What is an article? for what gets its own article. In short, cities get their own articles, and sub-divisions within cities get articles only after we discuss and agree on how we subdivide the city into "districts". So, stuff about Koramangala should go into Bangalore till the Bangalore article gets too large, and then we need to divide Bangalore into 7-9 divisions that make sense. When we do that, Koramangala could well be an article of its own - I am not sure, and I don't know enough about Bangalore, unfortunately. But I do know that the Bangalore article is huge, and is waiting for someone knowledgeable to do the work (hint hint!)

Now ordinarily, I would have incorporated what you put into Koramangala into the Bangalore article, but quite honestly, I didn't have time or enough knowledge to go deep into the article - so I put it into Talk:Bangalore/Koramangala for later merging. I wrote that "I took the call that there is nothing worth merging in the Koramangala page", but that might have been too harsh. But in general, attractions (and not shopping malls and restaurants) should go into the "See" section, while activities (again, not cafes and restaurants) go into "Do".

That said, feel free to edit the main Bangalore article, or Talk:Bangalore/Koramangala. Also, feel free to suggest how we should sub-divide Bangalore, in the Bangalore talk page. Your work won't go waste.

See also: Wikitravel:Big city article template Wikitravel:Huge city article template and Wikitravel:District article template

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Hello, Priyadarshic! Welcome to Wikitravel.


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Thanks for the detailed clarification. I agree the article deals more with the commercial establishments only, however, those are an important part of life in Koramangala.

Whenever the Bangalore article is agreed to be subdivided, Koramangala should get a separate page I feel, even Wikipedia has a separate page on it. I am sure there are better writers who can present in a better manner, but you have to capture the commercial yet lush green flavor of the area. Priyadarshic 04:44, 8 June 2012 (EDT)