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There has been extensive discussion of this issue, summarised below. Opinions differ widely.

Note that this page is only for discussion directly relevant to improving the travel guide. General discussion of German racism or lack thereof does not belong here. Please do not add irrelevant text. If someone else has, please delete it.

Summary of previous (mostly 2004) discussion.

  • I am of South Asian origin, ... I have lived in several countries, including Britain, and I have never faced the kind of overt racism that I have been unfortunate enough to face in Germany. Many other people of similar origin - from India or Pakistan - have had similar stories
  • I'm german of Turkish origin. I never had any problems with racism my whole life! ...
  • .. Yes, racism is illegal here. Yes it is very non-PC. ... It still happens. Sometimes in very bad shapes (fire attacks on houses) but most often in the less obvious ways, ranging from odd looks to insults in the subways or fights somewhere. As a non-white you will have problems that a white person won't have. Nils
  • ... I think it's important to remember that the traveller comes first. The most important thing is giving practical information to travellers -- not to paint Germans (or any other locals anywhere) in a positive or negative light, or to explore the history of racism in Germany. Context helps, but we're not an encyclopedia. The important question is: what should travellers watch out for? Evan
  • I think the whole issue on racist Germany is really a waste of time. German society is not as racist as ... whoever wrote the section wants it portrayed ... Having been to Germany many times, I have found the people there to be a lot more tolerant than others, including the French. The stereotype of Germany still containing neo-Nazis everywhere is false. Even though they do exist, they really pose very little threat for tourists, ... Ronline
  • No other nation or people in this world is more racist than the Germans. I lived in that country for 15 years and experienced all forms of prejudice, racism, including neo Nazi attack. As a black person I was a conspicuous victim of the high level German racism. Germans are racists towards every foreigner. However, blacks are the main victims. Discrimination occurs everywhere: in neighbourhood, in public transport, in job and schools. Even in supermarkets, shops or bars you can be refused to be served if you are black.
  • In 1996 my daughter was told to leave a store in Heidelberg because she is Black (Black American).
  • As an Indonesian who visits Germany regularly, thankfully I have never experienced these kind of things, ... Both West and also East Germans people are friendly and nice.
  • My experience as an Indonesian student studying in Mecklenburg. I had been called "neger" or negro, exactly 3 times. It was pretty scary because they always did that when they're not alone. First time it was 4 people, than 2 people and one whole car (5 ppl). So right now I steered clear of groups of boys...... I dunno about things that happen in the West, but I think this racism is because this state was part of DDR. Overall, on my trips to West Germany, I found it more open & kind. BTW I DO NOT think that Germans are racist. LOTS of people here are very kind, the 3 incidents were exceptions, BUT enough to scare me a LOT.
  • Germany are Racist, ... Mostly if you're black, they dont recorganise you as a human being. I have spend 5 years now in Germany ... No else 'ive encounted what i have seen and witnessed in german ...
In restaurants,they dont serve you as a customer. ...
When you get into a train or bus,no one like to seat next to an african. ...
Once i met a german making an argument with an african lady which result to a fight. The lady reported the matter to the police who turned her down.
As an african,they dont give you jobs even you have the profession.
  • I was once at a cafe in Munich and was completely ignored while other customers around me were being served efficiently. I'm Indian-American. ...