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Why is Ikan Kekek getting rid of useful and truthful info I put up on Pansion Sebilj? Vested interest?? Flimsy pretext for an undo sir...

It's pure chance that I even saw this, and then, I had no idea what you were talking about until I spent several minutes doing a search. You are new here, so I suppose I should welcome you, but because you're new, it's not surprising if you are unfamiliar with Wikitravel policies. Here's what I posted in one of my editing comments:
"Can't list cafe and hotel separately; mention info about cafe in hotel listing."
And here's the Wikitravel policy that specifies it: Wikitravel:Don't tout#Guidelines
But the fact is, I have no idea what you're complaining about. Are you complaining about Wikitravel:First person pronouns? Wikitravel:Don't tout? What? These are policies that we all have to follow here. Your contributions are much appreciated, and for whatever it's worth, I assure you, I've never been to Sarajevo and have no commercial interest in any hotel, restaurant, travel agency, etc. My edits in such a guide are only in the interest of consistency in policy throughout the site (and sometimes, in correct and clear English grammar, spelling, etc.). Nor have they affected your edits substantively, so I'm mystified by your remarks above.
And the next time you have a complaint, be specific about what you're complaining about and discuss it in the "Talk" ("Discussion") page for the particular article, so that people know what specifically you're talking about. Ikan Kekek 20:12, 9 May 2011 (EDT)

Logan: Sorry about the vested interest thing, it was all I could come up with for a complete undo of the info I thought would be useful for a traveler I had put in there.

Aside from being in the same building, the cafe, internet cafe and other pension have no real connection with the hostel. If you stay there, you get no discounts and such. Since they are completely separate entities and I've never visited the cafe, I have nothing on that to add. I don't recall using first person pronouns or 'touting' (I'm kind of doing the opposite) the organization - not sure what you're mentioning those things for.

I apologize if I am getting the formating wrong or something. I am new here and will make many mistakes. I am trying to get useful information up for people who might be staying there rather than the bland and less useful than 'hostelbookers' info on the hostels that is currently up there.

No problem. So I think in this case, it does make sense to have different entries for the hostel, the cafe, and the internet cafe, and to indicate in at least the first entry that none of the three actually have any connection with each other other than the fact that they share the same building. Ikan Kekek 19:12, 10 May 2011 (EDT)