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Macedonia's regions[edit]

Hey there Jabbalzar! If you know a bit about Macedonia, please comment on Talk:Macedonia where we would like to discuss how to break up the country into regions. We usually discuss this before creating regions, to make sure that a few people agree on the best way to split up a country. Thanks for your help! – cacahuate talk 01:20, 24 August 2007 (EDT)

Skopje links[edit]

I had to remove the non-primary external links to the Skopje sites. Wikitravel policy only allows links to the official website, not tour companies or someone's commentary/photos (however good they may be). Sorry to undo what must have been a lot of effort, but that doesn't diminish the remarkable work you've done on the article as a whole. Gorilla Jones 16:21, 25 August 2007 (EDT)

stop copy pasteing[edit]

Jabbalzar please stop copy paseing articles from exploringmacedonia. You are not doing the Macedonia pages a favor. Also please stop rearanging my articles, if you don't like them feel free to erase them and write new ones, but be careful with the atributes (for example: Bitola has just one park and it is nothing special, or none of the Skopje mosques has tiled interiors and there are 2 hammams left not one), also be careful with the translation too (for example: Stara Carsija is Old bazaar, not Old Town) Bojan 14:37, 27 August 2007 (EDT)

I can't believe you are complaining! Do you know how much time and effort I put into the Macedonia articles? But you are right I have made some mistakes and I am sorry for those. Oh and the articles are alot better organized than the way you have it. Jabbalzar 19:32, 29 August 2007 (EDT)

Hey guys. On the subject of copying and pasting articles from we will have to undo any copy and pastes that you make due to the fact that any information on that site is copyrighted and owned by them, and thus incompatible with our copyleft. Regards the layout of articles, we have a specified and uniform layout which is described in our Small city article template - the reason we have a uniform layout is so that users can find information quickly and easily in any guide. If there is an issue with the content of the guide, please discuss it in the discussion page of the article where we can come to an agreement about the information, rather than continuing deleting each others work, which is unhelpful and time consuming to everyone involved. For more information about situations like this, please check out this page. -- Tim (writeme!) 13:51, 1 September 2007 (EDT)

To Jabbalzar: Time and effort??? What you did is copy pasted stuff from different web pages. Sorry, but the discussion here is not about pride and honor. As I said I have no problem with somebody revising my work, I just don't like the idea that you copy pasted (read stole) the work of other people. That is not what wikitravel is about. You didn't even care what I said and continued with the same thing by posting a bunch of photos which are not yours. You even posted one from my gallery on! What I have posted here or on other webpages is based on my personal experience, study and research, how about you?

About the layout of the articles, I organized them as if one is walking through the town. I don't see why they have to be grouped under categories (the only one grouped under categories is Ohrid but that one was started before I joined wikitravel, so I decided just to follow).

Can I ask you why you erased my Skopje photos? Didn't like them? Or what was the problem?

I do give you credit for doing the spell check and the grammatical corrections on my articles, and I thank you for that. Bojan 18:07, 2 September 2007 (EDT)

To Tim: I did this just and only because of the copy pasting issue, it is not meter of pride or something like that. Posting stuff and articles on Macedonia on the web is just my hobby. Bojan 18:07, 2 September 2007 (EDT)

Bojan, I only erased one of your Skopje photos and that was because it was an ugly picture. If you told me the reason why you had the sights organized that way earlier, then I would not have changed it. Jabbalzar 15:34, 8 September 2007


Hey Jabbalzar! Thanks for your effort on creating a page for Kokino. However, I have proposed that it be merged with our Kumanovo guide due to the rules on Wikitravel which state that we don't create articles for attractions where you cannot stay. If you can stay at Kokino, then please say so in it's discussion page and we won't merge it with Kumanovo. For more info on what gets an article and what doesn't, see here. -- Tim (writeme!) 13:42, 1 September 2007 (EDT)

I redirected Kokino to Kumanovo as all the content is already duplicated there. The Wikitravel:What is an article? guidelines are well worth a look. ~ 13:46, 1 September 2007 (EDT)

Copyright violation[edit]

I have removed all content from Golem Grad and nominated it for deletion as it is an apparent copyright violation. If you are the original author at this site, please state this on the talk page and back it up with some evidence. If you are not, please stop copying content from other sites, as that is a rather serious violation of the terms of use and of the law in your own country. --Peter Talk 18:22, 5 September 2007 (EDT)