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Who are you? • • • Peter (Southwood) Talk 16:20, 21 August 2012 (EDT)


Hello IBlegal, and welcome to Wikitravel. Thanks for your contributions so far. You can view our Community policies and our manual of style. Remember that all contributions to Wikitravel are copyleft, which means they can be copied and used on other sites and reused in all kinds of ways under the terms of our licence. If you have any questions, please see the help files or ask in the pub. --Inas 19:44, 21 August 2012 (EDT)

Can you please define your terms?

You have been posting messages like this on various talk pages:

" Please be advised your recent actions communicating directly with members of Wikitravel could put you in violation of numerous federal and state laws. We strongly urge you to cease and desist all action detrimental to If you persist in this course of conduct, you will potentially be a named defendant, and therefore liable for any and all resulting damages.--IBlegal 14:54, 21 August 2012 (EDT)

Could you please be specific about which laws you think these users have violated? What state laws do you think are in play, those of the location of the servers or of the users? Do you think any of the laws you mention would apply to me, since I am neither a US resident nor citizen? Pashley 22:20, 21 August 2012 (EDT)

I believe this is just a sock puppet of IBobi. But I am also curious to know what laws he thinks we are violating. –sumone10154 02:41, 22 August 2012 (EDT)
I'm strongly inclined to doubt it is a sock puppet account. I'd find it hard to believe anyone would represent themselves as their employer's legal department if they weren't actually in that dep't. That would obviously be a firing offense in most companies, and I really doubt IBobi is that stupid.
My guess is it is a corporate lawyer who expects his or her threats to be taken seriously. Of course they almost certainly won't be — which is obvious to anyone with some knowledge of the history of litigation about the net — but he/she has not yet discovered that. Pashley 03:00, 22 August 2012 (EDT)

I would like an answer, please. Some of the comments below appear to require a response as well. Pashley 21:45, 26 August 2012 (EDT)

Please do not engage in spamming activities here

Yes IBlegal, I am also a little perplexed by your quite odd behaviour here.
Please do explain why you are posting spam messages on user Talk pages here.
You appear to have no contribution history on this project and your commentary appears to be misguided, inept and overtly threatening both in content and intent.
It is also apparent that you might perhaps be living in a cupboard. We have an informal yet fairly standard response to geographically challenged contributors here on WT, "the US is not the world". I truly hope that response does not require a detailed explanation.

What is the meaning of this inept and clumsy statement "communicating directly with members of Wikitravel could put you in violation of numerous federal and state laws"?
Exactly how, why, and to what possible consequence?

Are you perhaps trying to advise us that IB has been actively promoting this WT venue and soliciting participation in activities that expose IB to potential litigation?

Please do forgive me if I have misunderstood this communication, is this just a clumsily written a cry for help. Perhaps some US Federal or State authority has advised IB they are in breach of some arcane communications statute.

If so why on earth has IB let this situation continue for such a long time, clearly IB are culpable if they have knowingly promoted this venue and that activity if "communicating directly with members of Wikitravel could put you in violation of numerous federal and state laws". If this has legal grounding in applicable "US federal and state laws" then IB may be exposing their entire operation and even their board members to potential litigation by Federal and State bodies. If so then this is a most grave circumstance and I of course hope you are able to deal with it expeditiously and toward IB's favour.

I suggest if concerned about any litigation against IB by Federal and State authorities then it would be more appropriate to seek qualified legal advice in your own jurisdiction as we are just here to work on a Travel related project, not to assist IB with their potential exposure to litigation by any US federal and State authorities arising from contributors using the Talk pages to communicate with each other.

If this is a genuine cry for help I cannot do much to assist other than to direct you here as I am just too far away from your offices to be able to call around for a helpful chat about all this.
Or perhaps you have a different concern, if so then please do explain it here asap.

I cannot be of much assistance with this but if you wish to temporarily mitigate any further exposure to this problem perhaps consider providing a caution Banner affixed to all Article, Project and User pages to provide a site-wide disclaimer and ensure this problem is given adequate exposure to all Users and Contributors. If there is pending or threatened Federal or State action the court may look favourably upon IB if they have shown they have taken immediate action to mitigate the problem.

I am sure no one wants to see IB in receipt of any warrants to appear before a court due to facilitating Talk page communication. Perhaps as a precautionary measure IB should even consider a temporary lock-down on the site, or perhaps just lock all the User and User Talk pages until IB receive some appropriate advice on their corporate and executive exposure to these mysterious "US federal and state laws".

Perhaps however you just seek to entertain people with some examples of absurdist unstructured humour.
But if this is not a joke, and you are actually trying to be serious then please do elaborate on this veiled, ambiguous and clumsily executed apparent threat to a handful of apparently deliberately targeted contributors.

If you chose to do this, please do ensure that you only use language appropriate to this venue and the community, and please be succinct and ensure that you are adequately informed on the topic concerned, vague statements such as those made earlier may otherwise be readily dismissed as the work of an annoying troll.

People here do not appreciate threatening language, either implied or direct and it is specifically precluded in the project's policies and guidelines.

You do not have any history of constructive contributions here. You have not yet even cared to identify yourself as the iBobi sock-puppet I suspect you are.
So, in absence of suitably qualifying information other than for these rather odd recent messages placed upon several contributors Talk pages I will have to assume you are most likely not a legitimate contributor to this Wiki project.

You previous activity here appears to be limited to the posting of spam content.
Your engagement in this project is of course welcomed as that is the nature of this community to embrace newcomers, but please do limit any further commentary to matters related to travel and that may be readily identified as being in the interests of the traveller. You are of course also welcomed to first explain why you have left these quite bizarre messages on several established contributors Talk pages.

Please read the Wikitravel manual of style before making any further contributions here.
Normally spam content such as this would be reverted immediately, especially that with such a blatantly clear pattern of spamming activity. However as you may be new to this site and not yet understand the communities guidelines for content and may not yet readily understand that action such as this is appropriate then I will to point you toward this information explaining the application of a temporary block on your account.

So please do click through on the links provided, have a look at the content contained therein and then make an appropriate response.

I must provide some caution to you though, if you choose to continue making inappropriate and unwanted edits here and further demonstrate that you are not interested in our goals, and/or not interested in compromising or working with other Wikitravellers to achieve those goals and continue to edit articles or User pages against our terms of use we may need to resort to using a MediaWiki feature that bans that person's username or IP address from further editing of Wikitravel pages. Thank you for reading this. -- felix 05:15, 22 August 2012 (EDT)

Sandbox's All Yours Now

Hope this makes you happy!! Cheers, dude. 09:13, 22 August 2012 (EDT)