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Shwe Taung Zar Pagoda[edit]

Dawei is a sleepy tropical town with a number of beautiful beaches in the vicinity. It has a long story of trade and features some interesting colonial architecture, with many old wooden and some brick and stucco mansions. Shwe Taung Zar pagoda is the main religious site in Dawei, and is set in a charming little complex. Shwe Taung Zar Pagoda is on the side of Dawei City , Yay Road.In the past in Dawei, there was a tradition of swinging kingdom. At that time , the village of Shwe Taung Zar became a king of Dawei. It was established by head of Shwe Taung Zar Village. Shwe Taung Zar Village is three miles from Dawei. It is over 250 years old pagoda. Beside Shwe Taung Zar pagoda, there is another pagoda namely Lawka Maryazein Pagoda. That pagoda looks like Mahar Myat Muni pagoda, Mandalay. It is 144 years old pagoda. It was Established by King Mindon Min. He was the penultimate king of Burma from 1853 to 1878. He was one of the most popular and revered kings of Burma.

History of Lawka Maryazein Pagoda[edit]

At colonial era, a white elephant was founded in Dawei. The white elephant is considered the glory of Myanmar. So people in Dawei are planning to present the king with a white elephant, with the hope that the king can take back their land from colony. The King was delighted and asked what Dawei people wanted. Just as they have been allowed to worship Mahar Myat Muni Pagoda, so have the people of Dawei expected. Dawei people are demanding that the pagoda be built by the king. The king responded to their request and establish the Lawka Maryazein Pagoda. Dawei people are believed that Lawka Maryazein Pagoda is same with Mahar Myat Muni Pagoda.