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Hello! Welcome to Wikitravel. Please take a sec to look at our copyleft and policies and guidelines, but feel free to plunge forward and edit some pages. Scanning the Manual of style, especially the article templates, can give you a good idea of how we like articles formatted. If you need help, check out Wikitravel:Help, and if you need some info not on there, post a message in the travellers' pub.

Thanks for your contributions to Kitakyushu. But please note that stylistically, Wikitravel guides aim to be readable standalone, so links to Wikipedia should be minimized -- please enter the relevant information directly into Wikitravel instead! Links for individual attractions, airports etc should point directly into the site's official page, not Wikipedia. Jpatokal 04:53, 27 Jul 2005 (EDT)


Please read the Manual of style, especially What is an article. The articles that you have created off Kitakyushu should be created on that page first. Some of your are being recommended for deletion because of this. -- Huttite 07:12, 27 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Image Copyright[edit]

Are the images Image:Hiraodai karst plateau.jpg and Image:Kokura castle from the Japanese garden.jpg copyrighted to you? If so the copyright has not been released correctly. The way copyright notices on these images reads at the moment implies that you still claim copyright over the images. This does not comply with the Wikitravel:Copyleft requirements that require you to release the copyright on images you have the copyright for. See Wikitravel:Image policy. Non-complying images may be deleted. -- Huttite 07:56, 27 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Sorry Huttite, that's not quite correct: the photographer does retain copyright over his images. What's important for Wikitravel is that he releases them for use in Wikitravel and derivative products under the CC by-sa 1.0 license.
And Historian, I hope you don't get upset by this flurry of edits and deletion requests for your hard work. We really do appreciate your contributions, but Wikitravel is not the same as Wikipedia and many things are done a little differently here. You might like to have a read through Wikitravel:Welcome, Wikipedians for a summary of the biggies — I hope to see you stick around! Jpatokal 08:39, 27 Jul 2005 (EDT)
I am just asking for a release statement to be formally made as per the Wikitravel:Image policy. As things currently stand there is no release statement. Although we might infer that the images are intended to be released under a CC-by-SA 1.0 licence, because they are posted by the copyright holder, that has not been explicitly stated here. When originally uploaded there is an upload comment that states who holds the copyright but not that it is released for others to use under CC-by-SA 1.0. The copyright note that was later removed from these images should be put back but with the additional comment released under CC-by-SA 1.0 or something similar. -- Huttite 08:54, 27 Jul 2005 (EDT)

You are welcome to make a fuss about the images I uploaded, but I can tell you I'm not going to take another set of identical photos just for Wikitravel and I think it is a pity that they can't be used here on Wikitravel. All I want to do is introduce my city to the world. Historian (How do you do the date stamp?)

You add four wiggles, like this: ~~~~. Three will just leave your name. Also, thanks a ton for updating the copyright info on your images. Forgive us for being zealous, but the "free" part in "free, complete, up-to-date and reliable" is important to us. Your images, by the way, are wonderful, and you've done a good job introducing your city! --Evan 07:44, 28 Jul 2005 (EDT)
I am sorry if I am being pedantic about the copyright status of your photographs. All I am trying to do is protect your rights as the copyright holder of the photographs. You, as copyright holder, have the right to publish your photographs in any manner you wish. You do not need to have a separate set of photographs for us. All I am asking is that you understand that when you publish your photographs here then they will be used by others, for free, under the CC-by-SA 1.0 copyright licence. You just need to state that the photographs are released so they can be used by everybody. Technically, until you release your photos nobody else can use them. Thank you for releasing your photos for us to use. I am sorry that the experience was painful and confusing for you and hope it has not put you off contributing. -- Huttite 08:04, 28 Jul 2005 (EDT)

No it hasn't. I hope I can contribute appropriately from now on. Regards, Historian 23:39, 31 Jul 2005 (EDT)