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In Shanghai, now are you worried in the following situations:

When having diner, you don’t know the name of the delicious Chinese dishes; When talking in the bar, you cannot communicating well with your beloved; When shopping, you cannot buy beautiful things at better price;

When getting lost, you cannot get help from passersby;

As a businessman, maybe you had beaten her breast when miscommunication occurs when negotiating business with your Chinese-speaking partners. …

Well, then please join FRIND,MANDARIN without any hesitation! We have a very professional teaching team helping you learn mandarin in all walks of life and then know further about China.

Firstly, test: Through the test of professional teacher, we’ll know about the level of your mandarin. Secondly, cognition: to be our learner, the teacher will choose the right teaching material and teach you according to your aptitude. Thirdly, practice: teacher will lead students to practice what you learned in class. Fourthly, consolidation: the professional teaching plan right for you will consolidate what you have learned. Last but not least, adding: we’ll also get you involved in distinctive Chinese cultural activities, making you know further about China.

Don't be waiting, just contact us as soon as possible. Join “FRIND,MANDARIN”, and you’ll speak mandarin as fluently as a native speaker! Hotline1:15921189800; Hotline2:15921858561; MSN: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected]

“FRIND,MANDARIN” is a young team of diffusing Chinese culture. It is established spontaneously. Everyone here is friendly messenger, regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of race, they would like to regard you international friends as family memebers and help you learn mandarin well.We are sure that integrity and love between us will make our family nicer and warmer.