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Hello, FTMDace! Welcome to Wikitravel. No doubt you wrote with the best intentions but I felt it was on the wrong side of fair. Try to just stick to the facts, refrain from using emotive words like "lies" and "dishonestly" (and he use of CAPS; please don't shout). You might just suggest to travellers that they should verbally confirm the booking as the hotel can sometimes change bookings, or that they should call direct rather than book on the website as the web booking service can be unreliable.

Also, in future it would be better to leave a message on my talk page rather than emailing me directly. Hope this helps and please keep contributing. We love to have more travellers voices.

To help get you with further contributions, we've created a tips for new contributors page, full of helpful links about policies and guidelines and style, as well as some important information on copyleft and basic stuff like how to edit a page.

If you need help, check out Wikitravel:Help, or post a message in the travellers' pub. - Cardboardbird 12:22, 1 July 2011 (EDT)


No need to apologize. I have put in the mention of Stockholm being a huge city (was that what you meant?). Thank you for your contributions to the Stockholm articles, the city has recently been districtified, more contributions to the district articles are most welcome, --ClausHansen 15:17, 19 August 2011 (EDT)

Thank you[edit]

Thank you for your recent contributions to Wikitravel and for updating our articles! Good job! Are you planning on working on more articles? Warm regards, IBAlex (talk) 19:39, 29 July 2013 (EDT)

Hi Aleksandra,
thanks for your comment on my Talk Page - sorry for the late reply.
I'm no great expert, but some years ago I became a fan of Wikitravel which has become my main source when I go travelling.
I try to look out for extra info., or for Wikitravel info. that has since changed (e.g. the Skopje page said there were two international bus stations, but that is no longer true), just to return the favour.
Of course I'll do the same in future.
All the best, FTMDave (talk)
Great to hear that Wikitravel helps you during your travels! Thank you for all your contributions so far! We appreciate that! Would you like to help us more by giving us suggestions for DOM or OTBP candidates or by uploading some pictures? Would be great to hear back from you. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers! IBAlex (talk) 15:42, 27 August 2013 (EDT)