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Your listings are objectionably touty and will be reverted on sight, unless you change your approach. For example, never include a list of places for hotel stayers to visit; that belongs under "See" or "Do," not in a hotel listing. And make sure your listings are informational, and not flowery. I don't expect that you'll actually read or heed this message, but I hope you do, and if so, look here:

"Wikitravel:Don't tout"


Ikan Kekek 01:25, 25 January 2011 (EST)

I'll make my listings more informational and not flowery from now on. I appreciate that someone like you is correcting my contributions. Please do advise me if ever I commit mistakes again. Thank you. Cheers! Doveld 03:00, 06 May 2011 (EST)


Hi, I must agree with the comments above but also thank you for spotting my "hhttp" typo and quickly correcting it. Please do heed the advice above and please read through the Manual of style guidelines as I am sure they will assist you. In the future please do check the page and make sure the attraction or facility is not already listed. Many editors may have just deleted your update thinking it was only a duplication rather than a duplication containing important updates. Fortunately I checked the details but then I accidentally introduced a typo error (extra - h - ) into the URL string.

There are links in the Manual of style article that will take you to pages that assist with accommodation listings and similar matters that have a bearing on your editing here. Thanks again for spotting my error and correcting it. Please do ensure your edits only use a neutral tone, do not include promotional style language or any touting, please always endeavour to only describe, do not push with the listing description and details. -- felix 06:07, 4 March 2011 (EST)

No problem with that Felix. Thank you also for these advises. Let's make Wikitravel a nice place to share information of. Doveld 03:00, 06 May 2011 (EST)

Promotional language[edit]

Hi Doveld, Please stop putting content such as "Best rates on official website start at X,XXX" into hotel listings. Just a plain "From X,XXX" is quite sufficient. Also please do not add flowery, promotional lauguage, just keep to the basic, bare, unembellished information and facts. Putting in a bunch of marketing style waffle is just wasting the time of editors cleaning up after you. This sort of language loses it's meaning when it is endlessly repeated by yourself and many other editors in multiple listings across WT articles.

Examples of this are:

  • The hotel offers room designed and fitted with amenities such as...
  • Some of its amenities are ...
  • Patong Sunbeach Hotel is located in Phuket, Thailand. --You frequently repeat the name of the hotel and/or the position and/or full address in the general details field. This is entirely redundant when it is already detailed in the =name"" and =address"" fields. Repeating the url or email address in this way is equally inappropriate.
  • Only use capitals at the beginning of a sentence or for a proper noun ... ie. Jacuzzi/bath in the tropical garden, Internet kiosk (internet is correct, not Internet.
  • Please do not use (0) prefixes in parenthesis in telephone numbers ie. +66(0) 76292912. This should be +66 7629 2912 for a number in Patong Beach Thailand
  • Use the same currency formatting as appears to be used in the rest of the article ie. XX baht. Rs X,XXX. Rp XX,XXX. US$XX.XX, $X,XXX
  • Use wifi (for Wi-Fi or Wireless or wi-fi)
  • There is no need to state things such as "Provides accommodation" or "The hotel offers rooms" if it is a hotel. If it was a cafe and they also provided rooms then it would make some sense but it is safe to assume that if it is a hotel then they are going to be providing rooms, accommodation and beds.
  • This sort of waffle is just annoying: "and treats you with such amenities including..."
  • This contribution is a good example, this is a load of jibberish and offers very minimal information:
  • The Belle Resort, 104/31-33 Soi Prisanee (Patong Beach), Thaweewong Road, Kathu, Phuket., 83150, +66(0) 76-292782, [1]. The Belle Resort is located on the white sandy "Patong Beach", one of the famous destination that the tourist known how beautiful beach on Phuket Island. Only a few minutes from the hotel you will see the Patong Beach & Shopping center. Each of their rooms is stylishly modern in design and treats you with such amenities including an air-conditioner, a cable TV, and a coffee/tea maker. Some of its amenities are high-speed Internet access, swimming pool, and massage service. While staying here you can visit some tourist spots like Phuket Country Club, Talang National Museum, and The Phuket Sea Shell Museum. Best rates on official website start at THB 1,800.00.  edit
  • Here is an edited version of your contribution:
  • The Belle Resort, 104/31-33 Soi Prisanee, Thaweewong Road, Kathu. (Patong Beach), +66 76 292 782, [2]. Rooms have a modern design, A/C, cableTV, and a coffee/tea maker. High-speed internet, swimming pool, and massage service are available. From 1,500 baht.  edit
  • Please do not ever delete unused listing fields. This makes further contributions time consuming and for some inexperienced editors it adds an entirely unnecessary extra level of complexity to add them back in again. Just don't do it.

Please do take some time to look over the articles general style and formatting prior to making any changes. Reading the manual of style would possibly be of some considerable benefit. Also please look back over your edits and note what is being changed and then please stop repeating the same problems over and over again.

Thanks, -- felix 15:11, 11 May 2011 (EDT)

With this long and very detailed talk from you I must say you really care about our(wikitravel contributors) contributions. I like what you indicated here. This is much appreciated.

Thanks, -- Doveld 15:11, 13 May 2011 (EDT)