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OMG you've done a lot of travelling! People thought I was taking on a lot when I went to the USA and Canada for ten weeks and covered most of the countries, but you make me feel like I've seen NOTHING! You're also incredibly efficient if you can remember all of these places - I can't remember my past trips well enough to do more than stubbify...

The reason why I put this list here was to have a central page from where I could write articles. When I had finished listing them I was staring at the screen wondering "have I done all that?" I realize I have been incredibly lucky to have travelled to all these places. Af far as remembering goes, I had to rely on my diaries (actually, they're not really diaries, they only mention when and where I've been) and the pictures and slides I took. The problem will be that I don't really have information that's up to date. As you can see, my most extensive travelling years were in the beginning of the nineties, which is more than ten years ago! Still, I hope to write some valuable things on WikiTravel. D.D. 07:09, 17 Aug 2003 (PDT)