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There are issues around keeping a laptop's data secure/ Basically, the solution is to encrypt your files. [1]

Having various sites blocked may also be an issue. China has the Great Firewall & various other countries have filters. The best way around these is to use a proxy outside the country; your computer talks to the proxy and the proxy connects to the blocked site, so that connection is not seen by the filters. One easy way to use a proxy is via a Firefox add-on; there are several designed for this. The main difficulty is that the censors block connections to the proxies. If you really need reliable uncensored connections, the best solution is to set up either a VPN back to your company at home or a private proxy server. There is good information on setting up your own proxy at Stupid Censorship.

Being monitored is another issue. Quite a few governments monitor Internet traffic, so you may be monitored by the country you are in, the one where the site you connect to is, or anyone in between. Much Internet traffic passes through the US and their NSA have huge monitoring capacity. Of course any connection to a proxy should be encrypted to prevent monitoring. Some web email services, such as Gmail, allow you to use https (secure http) to connect. If yours has this feature, use it (e.g. for Gmail click "always use https" on the settings page). If not, consider changing providers or just getting a Gmail account for travel.

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Thanks for contribution although I'm not sure what you meant ;-) But I would be very glad if the topic/potential expedition finds interested readers/contributors. Would you join? --DenisYurkin 18:06, 31 August 2009 (EDT)