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See my post below yours.

Can you please repost my entry as I can not see the text anywhere, this is driving me mad with anger, how can something that should be easy, be so complicated! Thanks, Croydon


You can't list anything in more than one place. Read Wikitravel:Don't tout. Please understand that this site does not exist for the convenience of businesspeople or marketers, but for the benefit of travelers. We can't have businesses marketed all over the place. Your cooperation would be appreciated.

All the best,

Ikan Kekek 13:34, 12 June 2011 (EDT)


This is the most complicated, userunfriendly site I have ever encountered. It is so difficult, I'm not sure where to begin to explain my problems thus far.

1st point is that I'm not sure if this is how I reply to you, as there is no explanation on how to reply!

2nd, when I saw your note on not being able to have 2 entries, I deleted the other one, under the Jomtien heading.

So, I'm now going to repost my Pattaya entry, please do not delete again unless it contravenes some other rule, if it does please explain why.


Charles Hamilton.

It is very simple. First read and fully understand WT policies on touting and our very extensive guide for business owners. Once you have done that and are able to post in compliance with the guidelines, you will not experience problems. --Burmesedays 05:11, 13 June 2011 (EDT)


It is NOT very simple, which is why I'm having this inane communication and spent a couple of hours or more trying to work it all out, for starters:

1. Post an entry: At first I thought, easy, you just click on add a listing. Then I though that this can not be right as the template does not indicate if the post goes to budget, mid level or where. So, I thought lets try edit and it worked after trial and error as was not sure do I key in all the * " < etc or what. Then after putting in the text and scrolling down, I had to figure out do I enter anything in the Summary box, do I tick minor edit, and, what the heck does watch this page mean, is this common everyday net terminology!?

Anyway, by hook or by crook, it seems I finally got there, the post was in.

Then I see it was deleted, I got it back in, not sure how.

Then, deleted again, with the message that I can only enter it once. Ok fine, do not agree but I accepted this, deleted the other entry (in Jomtien) and posted back again to Pattaya.

Ikan then deleted it again without checking that just maybe, I read his note and had deleted the 2nd entry.

2. There does not seem to be a quick easy reference on the rules of posting an entry, like not to use 1st person, 1 entry only etc.

3. No explanation on how to reply, to contact, to communicate, seems the assumption is that all users will know. I only now from this experience and by trial and error.

4. Seems that there is no glossary of the terms used under the headings of history, edit, discussion, it is all mumbo jumbo and not user friendly.

For the WT site to be used more and to have far more contributors etc, serious improvements are needed or it will remain a toy for the few and not the masses that I think is the target audience.

Finally, can I have my post back in please?

Thank you.

Charles Hamilton (Croydon) I can be emailed direct on [email protected]

Working in any Wiki community format takes a bit of familiarisation work, but it is all there if you look. On the project home page, there is an obvious link to the manual of style. There is a lot of other important stuff for business owners at the links I already provided above. As for your listing, providing it is compliant with the guidelines which I have already brought to your attention, then just re-post it and it will not be deleted. --Burmesedays 10:35, 13 June 2011 (EDT)

We will have to agree to disagree, it is the most difficult website I have ever encountered. I'm no super user, but not the other extreme either, I'm more adept as a user than most I know. I was briefly involved (as an investor) in a company called Website Auditing which basically scored websites on various aspects, like navigation etc.

Some examples of this site that are current now to show how bad it is:

To reply to you, I have to edit, why not use simple basic clear English, use REPLY, not edit, reserve the latter for it's correct use, to edit all the posts.

Stupid flowery language is used, like the terms you just used Project home page and manual of style, ever seen another site to use such daft terms, think "How to make a post" etc might be better.

Another simple observation, how does 1 know when replying in My Talk to go to the bottom, my instinct is that the latest is best on top, is there any instruction to reply at the bottom?

Also, I do not agree with the policy of 1 entry max, certainly as it applies to my situation and likely readers. Tiya's Place is just a good budget small apartment block so if a reader just goes to the Jomtien page looking for accommodation, our offer will be missed. As most readers will just check on the Pattaya page, I need to post there (Jomtien is part of Greater Pattaya).

I therefore request you to allow me to enter onto the Jomtien page also?

I will now attempt to repost to Pattaya, if rejected, please advise why?

Thanks, Croydon

If you disagree with the one entry per business rule, please take it up on the relevant policy talk page. Wikitravel_talk:Don't_tout would be a reasonable starting point. On your specific listing, as I suggested earlier, please make sure it conforms with WT guidelines and just repost it (once).
On the ease of using MediaWiki format sites, you might have heard of Wikipedia (the 4th largest website anywhere in terms of unique visitors). Wikitravel uses the same basic Mediawiki platform and most commands are either identical or very similar. If you are completely new to using MediaWiki, it might take some getting used to, but hundreds of millions of users have managed that. --Burmesedays 03:52, 14 June 2011 (EDT)

- Sure, I refer to W/pedia almost weekly, a great site, but like most I use it to check on some info or other, not to post onto it etc. Think main point is not how many use it now, but how many more would use it if it is easier. Most folk are busy, just want to refer to it quickly for what they want, and move on. Then for those who want to post or edit, most will not want to spend much time reading complicated operating details to do so, just a quick read of the simple main instructions, do's and dont's, then make their edit or post and carry on with life! So, there should be 1 page on the HOME (not Main) page, headed: "How to Post and Edit" On terminology, why use terminology like SLEEP and SPLURGE, use what folk are used to and expect, ACCOMMODATION and maybe Luxury or of that ilk, but Splurge, c'mon!