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Welcome, and thanks for your edits to Nanao. We hope you enjoy editing the guide, and decide to stay for a while.

You can find links to pretty much everything you could need need to know about Wikitravel at Wikitravel:Help. If you have any problems with anything not covered there, feel free to ask in the pub --inas 23:05, 8 June 2010 (EDT)


Holy crap! Great job expanding the article, now just add a few pics and it'll be set for OtBP. Let me take a wild guess, you're doing a JET gig there?

And a few little style notes while I'm at it: Wakura Onsen has its own article, so any information about it (incl. hotels like Kagaya) belong there, all you need is a pointer/link from Nanao, and I think Noto Island/Nokojima should also get its own article. Please use macrons for long vowels in romanized Japanese, so futsū instead of futsuu for 普通. Jpatokal 08:29, 17 June 2010 (EDT)

Hey, yea I'm on JET here. I'm a 3rd year actually and was asked to update the Wikitravel page for Nanao for incoming JETs. I guess you started the page in the first place? Notojima's kinda tricky... I feel like it has too little info to warrant its own page, but at the same time it doesn't necessarily fit in with the Nanao page. If I have time I might make a page for it...

Nanao edits[edit]

Hi there. I'm an administrator, but I'm just a user like you- (and a former JET myself)- I don't work for Wikitravel:
I removed those images because they are not in line with our policy on photos of businesses. We only use photos of restaurants or hotels if they are a type unique only to the area, and even in that case we only use a generic picture to illustrate the type of establishment, without identifying it. See also Wikitravel:Accommodation listings#Avoid using images.
I removed the infobox on snack bars because Wikitravel policy frowns on duplicating information at the city level that is valid for the whole country.
And no, I haven't been to that area before.. would love to make it sometime.texugo 22:02, 7 March 2011 (EST)