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Hello, Cardboardbird! Welcome to Wikitravel.

To help get you started contributing, we've created a tips for new contributors page, full of helpful links about policies and guidelines and style, as well as some important information on copyleft and basic stuff like how to edit a page.

If you need help, check out Wikitravel:Help, or post a message in the travellers' pub.


That is definitely a mistake by me. So sorry about that and I have restored the edit. I cannot think why I did that to be frank. Thanks for spotting it and letting me know. Cheers. --Burmesedays 20:50, 4 March 2010 (EST)


Some really nice work, well done. I have made a few little changes to bring the formating into line with WT standards. Cheers and again, good work.--Burmesedays 04:52, 12 March 2010 (EST)

Hey! Your work on Kununurra is great! I think it qualifies as a candidate to be featured on the Main Page. I would nominate it myself, but perhaps you'd like to do the honors, since you put all the work into it. You can nominate it here:Wikitravel:Destination of the Month candidates I assume it's Off the Beaten Path.ChubbyWimbus 03:08, 15 April 2010 (EDT)

Hi,I am really impressed by your nice work on this page. The maps are excellent. Just what I have been looking for in a long time.

First of all I would like to congratulate you on the best short account about Kununurra for tourists that I have seen. I would also like to comment on a few points that need attention at Some changes to text I have made today. But I dont know how to edit the maps and hope you can do that for me.

Maps. Kununurra Town Centre Map Eat

(1) The “Kimberley Asian Cuisine Restaurant” shown as #2 is not at that location but is located on Coolabah Dve next to the KVC and El Questro offices. At the location you show is the “Barra Shack” fish and chips restaurant (which should be included under Cheap Eats).

(2) “Choppys” Chinese Restaurant should be added to your list of Eat Moderate. It is located on Konkerberry Dve. Add as #9

(3) You could show “Zebra Rock Gallery Cafe” as a #10 under “Eat” on the map and locate it on this map at the bottom on the left of the river. We are accessible by boat to our jetty, and by road (Packsaddle Rd) not shown on the map but Packsaddle Road could be drawn in (may need to extend the map down a tad to be accurate). AND/OR list under “Buy” on the map.

(4) Others: “Kimberley Cafe” is new and excellent moderate eat and is located at 4 Papuana St between Konkerberry and Coolabah where the Boab Bookshop used to be. “Mango Tree” (next to Choppys) on Konkerberry Dve is new and excellent moderate eat. There is also an excellent cheap eat restaurant, that has been there for ever and a day, next to the butchers close to the NAB bank. There is a cheap eat restaurant associated with IGA Ivanhoe Cafe is a good moderate eat, located on Ivanhoe Rd. Located at the top of your map near the “r” of “Crossing”


“Ausie Bar” at #1 should be “Aussie Bar”

The Wider Kununurra Area Map See and Do Since you already list “Zebra Rock Gallery” under “See – Close to town” could you please include its location on this map. Show as a blue square #2 located on the bank of the river Ord in line with the See and Do. It would be useful to also add Packsaddle Road as a dotted white line, including Jabiru Rd as a reference point.


Thanks for patrolling. --inas 19:23, 8 April 2010 (EDT)

Thanks for your patrolling work in Yunnan. It seems that the user is not aware of his talk page where i left a message for him/her. jan 09:20, 3 May 2010 (EDT)

Perth map SVG[edit]

I have now uploaded. See Image:Perth_map.svg. It is a bit rough and ready and you might even want to start again :). I am happy to help out with any of the Perth mapping if you get stuck. Cheers. --Burmesedays 11:04, 9 June 2010 (EDT)

West Bengal[edit]

Hi Cardboardbird, thanks a lot for your patrolling work! But I request you to be a little more suspicious and careful with edits to West Bengali articles such as Mandarmani, Shankarpur, Digha, and Bakkhali. Those edits are more often than not made by persistent touts trying to sell their business (with phone numbers ending with 4473 and 686, if I'm not mistaken), and should be reverted rather than cleaned up—please see Talk:Mandarmani#Phone .23 spamming .26 article protection for more background info on this. And if you are not sure what to do with these edits while you are patrolling, just leave them unmarked, someone else will most likely take care of them. And as for this edit summary, it wasn't intentional, I was going to continue to it as " should be reverted, I wish I did this before you cleaned it up...", or something like that, but I accidentally hit "enter" on my keyboard (and thus, "save" button). – Vidimian 09:51, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

Hi, Get out literally means getting out of the place. It can also mean going out to visit another place of interest or destination from the original location. Here, I expanded a previous version of get out which is too brief and states a few generic location. By doing so, travellers planning their trip will have a good idea of how to get out by public transport to other places nearby. This format is similar to Lonely Planet '"Getting in and away". Hope my answer enlightens you.

Admin Nom[edit]


I have nominated you as a janitor administrator at Wikitravel:Administrator_nominations. If think the extra buttons will help with the admin tasks you undertake. If you would care to accept or decline the nomination? --inas 20:54, 12 December 2010 (EST)

Deletion of busan inn motel[edit]

Hello Cardboardbird,

Yesterday you deleted an entry on the Busan budget sleep section. Your reason was that it was a touty ad in an already overcrowded section. I appreciate your efforts to clean up pages on wikitravel, especially those that are clearly advertisments, but in this case please hear me out.

I have lived in Korea for several years and travel to Busan frequently. I have stayed at many of the places listed in the budget section and quite a few of them are horrible and dirty. I by chance stayed at the Busan Inn motel and it was very clean, the owner was friendly, and the price was very good for a private room. I put it up on Wikitravel because its far nicer than most of the competition and I felt fellow travelers should know about it.

I went back and deleted some of the more touty parts of the post so it doesnt seem so much like an ad. I would appreciate it if you left it up or if you have problems with it to let me know before deleting it again. Thanks,


Thanks for your contribution. It looks better now, though it'd be more helpful to other travellers if you included a bit about the notable features of the hotel; WIFI, warm showers, soft beds, cable TV, stylish interior, laundry service, giant fish tank in the lobby, etc?. Travellers want to know these things to help them decide which hotel suits them. Lines like "located in the heart of Pusan with many great and resonably priced resturants nearby" don't set this hotel apart from any others. You don't have an account so I hope you read this here. - Cardboardbird 21:29, 20 December 2010 (EST)

Kiev: "negative grumbling"[edit]

Hi Cardboardbird!

I'm not sure whether we share the same view on a travel guide: You seem to think it should only contain positive features of a particular location if you remove my criticism of a certain restaurant as "negative grumbling". Making readers able to avoid a scam (and, despite all lack of attention from my side in that situation, it is still a scam) is just what I think should be contained in a travel guide. Yours sincerely. -- 00:02, 24 December 2010 (EST)

Everyone has their view. Your edits were reverted because your writing didn't follow the be fair ideals that we promote here. By all means, inform other travellers if you think something is dubious, but calling a restaurant a scam because you feel you were overcharged for your beer is not in exactly a fair assessment of their reputability. Perhaps a few words such as "Check prices before ordering as the bill can be much higher than expected" would have sufficed. You dont have an account so I will put this here and hope you read it. - Cardboardbird 20:52, 26 December 2010 (EST)

Hamilton Edits[edit]


I just want to vouch for the recent slew of edits made to Hamilton from an IP address on Dec 26th. That was myself using a public computer rather than my own. Please consider each of those edits as having come directly from me (since they did). I realize that might have appeared somewhat suspicious, so I've created a user name for my future efforts. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns! - Pattonius


Hey Cardboardbird,

what do you mean with this edit? I'm neutral on whether Tokyo would be at guide or usable status, but I for a huge city it's normal to have the listings in its district articles (and not in the main article). --globe-trotter 04:07, 29 December 2010 (EST)

Yes, there could definitely be more polish there. The color coded maps are still on the Talk page, somehow they haven't yet made it to the final article. --globe-trotter 01:07, 30 December 2010 (EST)


And after a delay, you are now an administrator! For a bit of guidance in using your new mops and buckets, see Wikitravel:Administrator's handbook ;) --Peter Talk 11:18, 29 December 2010 (EST)

Boveda Apartments[edit]

Hi Cardboard bird,

As you can see I'm new at listing on Wiki travel. Probably even putting this in the wrong place.

The posting for my 2 short term rentals that was deleted may have been unclear. We rent for any time period from 3 days up to 3 months.We even have a state liscense for short term rentals. Details are on our website. I figured this would be the most concise way to do it.

I looked at the "consensus" section, but I don't see how I can get consensus if it's not listed to comment on. There's no talk section on the Old San Juan page.

I can get some of the people who've stayed here in the 6 years we've been renting, to write in, If I could figure out where to tell them to send it.

I hadn't replied, because /I thought maybe there was a waiting period for postings, butI guess that wasn't it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Linda Williams


Officially, Palawan is not part of Western Visayas region. With expressed opposition from public officials of Palawan, President Arroyo rescinded her own E.O. which suspended the annexation of Palawan to Western Visayas region. Hence, Palawan reverted back to Mimaropa. The regional grouping should depict the actual groupings of islands and the provinces constituting it. Partial information may not be good information at all and could be misleading. Wikitravel intends to provide with the most accurate and detailed information as much as possible as the readers want it to be.

Marletbadeo 09:55, 14 January 2011 (EST)


Thanks for your help with VFDs lately, but one request - please make sure that if an article is deleted that all links to that article are updated as well (see Template:Vfd), and that if there is a talk page that it is deleted and the content archived (if applicable). For something like the Southeastern Conference Tour there are still several links from college town articles, and the talk page should probably be removed since it doesn't have content worth archiving. -- Ryan • (talk) • 11:13, 21 April 2011 (EDT)

Thanks for the pointer. I wasn't aware of whatlinkshere. I learn something new everyday :) Remaining links have been deleted now. - Cardboardbird 11:44, 21 April 2011 (EDT)

Revert Question[edit]

I see you reverted my edit on the Eat section for West Virginia with the explanation "rm -xlvio." The best I can guess is that means "external link violation"; I only just saw the page about the external link policy. Does that mean the listing itself was useless, or should I put it back sans external links? (Or does "xlvio" mean something else entirely? In which case I'm totally lost and don't understand the deletion.) Daedae 10:35, 26 May 2011 (EDT)


I was looking at the article for tiny Menzies, and to my eyes it looks about ready for a star nomination, with the only exception of missing hours, phone, & price range for the restaurant and hours for the pub. Do you have more that you intend to do with the article, or would you care to do the honors and nominate it? We have been short on new stars lately, and it would be nice to see a new Australian destination make the cut. --Peter Talk 22:56, 15 June 2011 (EDT)

Siem Reap[edit]

Well done for attacking Siem Reap. I have done so in the past, but the article gets a lot of abuse.--Burmesedays 05:32, 15 August 2011 (EDT)

Thanks. Siem Reap deserves a decent article but cutting the cruft from that article sometimes feels like uncovering Angkor from the jungle. -

Sheffield and after[edit]

Hi Cardboardbird,

many thanks for getting back to me.

Being a newbie often means messing up, so constructive criticism is always welcome.

I just decided recently to stop being a parasite with Wikitravel (which I've used for years to plan journeys) and to actually contribute something.

Thanks to your comments and the pages you suggested I've written a few things on the Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and Malta (mainly Mellieha) pages, so am getting the hang of it!

Thanks again, FTMDave 18 August 2011

Perth Restaurant[edit]

Hi Cardboardbird, Foo Wah Restaurant is better regarded if posted in wikipedia or wikitravel titled Perth, instead of suburb perth, like what you advised. It is in Perth anyways. Foreigner like me wont be so specifically visit suburb or other sub-detail of Perth to know to right restaurant to choose for. I admit I added some cliches, which is true but I changed it already. Have a look if the information is sufficient for that restaurant or not, is it what traveler want to know. —The preceding comment was added by Etingkieng (Etingkiengcontribs)

The Perth article is not the place for your listing. I've left an explanation on your talk page. - Cardboardbird 10:23, 2 September 2011 (EDT)