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Regarding the forms of the Portuguese language: the linguistic form that has been tentatively presented by other Wikitravel contributors (in the phrase book of European-African-Asian Portuguese for speakers of English) is basically correct, although it shows a clear influence of South American Portuguese. This may be a consequence of the fact that Brazil is a major tourist destination, with the industrial State of São Paulo as important business area, and that Brazil has in 2012 almost two hundred million speakers of Portuguese.

There are speakers of other languages (aboriginal or inmigrational groups and foreign residents or visitors), but most persons who live long-term in Brazil know some Portuguese. However, because of its historical circumstances, Brazil officially uses a deviant form of Portuguese that is unofficially fragmented in countless dialects, from the Amazon rain forest to the Pampas of Rio Grande do Sul, including some Italian influence among Paulistas (São Paulo State), Lusitan among Cariocas (Rio de Janeiro State), German among Gauchos (the three Southron States of Brazil), or Central-West African in Bahia State, besides others.

For these and other reasons, the language used by CSS Dixieland in the non-Brazilian Portuguese phrase book of Wikitravel, always reflects cultivated formal usage in Portugal and its oulying islands, and in the African or Asian parts of the Portuguese Empire. A list of all phonetical, lexical or grammatical differences between the Brazilian and the Lusitan forms of the Portuguese language would probably be out of place in a phrase book mainly intended for travellers. Such a comparison of differences is available in the Internet.

CSS Dixieland 10:19, 9 October 2012 (EDT)