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Hi Bonnie! Please see our tour policy, wbo and don't tout. Please don't reinsert it because otherwise we have a blacklist. jan 10:52, 6 September 2010 (EDT

Please help! I mistakenly added my listing under "see" and have tried to move it to the previous section with the other tour companies you have listed, but none of it is working for me. Please don't "black list" me! Would you please explain how to do this, and edit a few words in my listing? Thank you

Hi Bonnie, please avoid marketing language, write in third person style and read the policies. Don't immediately resinsert instead spend a couple of minutes and read our policies. We are strict on that but if you follow our policies you don't get blacklisted. jan 11:05, 6 September 2010 (EDT)

I don't understand! Everything I wrote is in third person style, our tours are an added value to what a traveler on their own would experience, and the touting is of the wine region, not my business:

"Join American Spirit Shuttle on a fun, comprehensive tour as you learn how the local boutique wineries hand-craft the Colorado grapes and other valley-grown fruits into award-winning wines. Pass by orchards,vineyards and outdoor art studios on the way to visit some of the Valley’s charming, friendly, small scale wineries producing big flavor wines. On the tour you will learn about wine making from the vine to the bottle -- often from the owner or wine maker. Your driver will know the lesser-known wineries, which ones make the style of wines you prefer, and how to customize the tour for you."

All I was trying to do was move my listing to the "get around" section above, instead of the "see" section where I mistakenly placed it. Would you please tell me how?

Hi Bonnie. Please take some time to read our guidelines for tours and guidelines on advertising. I've reverted your listing because 1) you added it to multiple articles, which is highly frowned upon, and 2) it's not clear to me how a shuttle tour offers a "value-added" activity, ie something that a traveler could not do on his/her own. Typically things like walking tours, bike tours, and similar activities are not listed in Wikitravel guides. If your service provides some specific benefit, such as offering safe transportation during wine tasting, please add a single listed to one article such as Colorado's Wine Country, and be sure that the language used describes your tour and what benefit it provides to travelers that they might not have if they just drove on their own. -- Ryan • (talk) • 13:10, 6 September 2010 (EDT)

I was trying to move my listing from "See" to "Getting Around", where There are two transportation companies (one of them is not even local)listed already under Colorado's Wine Country. I certainly did not intend to list more than once. When I left the site, after refreshing my browser, that was the only place my listing showed up.

Why did you remove the posting about Agricultural tours in Palisade? I did not even LIST my own business - I wrote about another VERY popular activity in Palisade because your article states: "The primary thing to see in Palisade are the town's orchards and wineries", which is simply NOT true. Agricultural tours are a way for farmers and ranchers to add value to products which otherwise are barely supporting them. Please re-read my post and return it back to the town of Palisade's article.

Please take another look at the Wikitravel policy on tours. We made a decision a while back to be very restrictive on the types of tours listed, because we want to make sure that our site can get independent travelers around without need for recourse to tours. This is tied into our principal goal of being a stand-alone guide. No one has anything against this particular tour—it just doesn't meet the requirements per policy, one of which is that it constitutes an activity (i.e., a do listing), the substance of which a traveler could not possibly do on their own. --Peter Talk 17:08, 7 September 2010 (EDT)

You have allowed two other tour companies to be listed for Colorado's wine country, which provide service very similar my company's. I made modifications to my listing so it is no more "touting" of my business than these other two listings.

The information in the article says "Travel by car, bike, or rent a limo or shuttle service and go on a wine tasting tour. Please enjoy the wine in moderation and drink responsibly. Colorado's drunk driving laws are strict."

My business IS a shuttle, which helps tasters avoid drinking and driving, as does the limo service you have allowed to be listed. Please explain the difference?

Wiki has allowed these two listings:

Absolute Prestige Limousine, Grand Junction, Colorado, ☎ +1-888-858-3904, [26]. edit

There are tour services available, as well.

Colorado Wine Country Tours, P.O. Box 36365 Denver, ☎ +1-303-777-WINE (9463), [28]. Take a scenic overnight trip to Grand Junction and Palisade, Colorado where you'll have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Western Slope, visit the wineries, taste the wines, and meet the winemakers. On this you'll be escorted by a sommelier who is passionate about wine. Transportation will be on a comfortable motorcoach. edit

Would you please explain how those listings are different or more compliant than mine?: American Spirit Shuttle, Palisade, Colorado, ☎ +1-970-523-7662, [27]. Safely savor the flavors as you learn how the local small-scale wineries hand-craft Colorado grapes and other local fruits into award-winning, big flavor wines. edit

I will be happy to list just the name of my company, as the limo company did, but must ask you to remove the motor coach tour company's listing, if it is a description of the tour to which you object.