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  • DONE Pages with travel topics template but apparently not listed at Travel topics page
  • DONE Pages listed at Travel topics page but apparently with NO travel topics template
  • DONE check for lists
  • DONE missing parkguide template?
  • DONE missing itinarary template?
  • DONE countries missing countryguide template
  • DONE May be missing from List of phrasebooks page
  • DONE missing appropriate itinerary STATUS template?
  • DONE traveltopics with no status
  • DONE city with guide instead of guidecity
  • DONE outline district not marked districtguide
  • DONE usable district not marked district, just usable
  • DONE Usable park just usable
  • DONE usable region just usable
  • DONE usable state just usable
  • DONE useable topic just usable
  • DONE: maybe topics, maybe missing ispartof template

no ispartof/isin, and not in the list of topics, phrasebooks, or itineraries:

  • DONE more need districtguide

usable city just usable[edit]

change usable to {{Usablecity}} for these cityguides(if current template is true)

usable district just usable[edit]

These already have districtguide and usable, should be {{Usablecity}} (if current template is true)

Places with both isin/ispartof[edit]

Broken links to districts[edit]

These may be intentional

districts not named as subpages[edit]

cities with districts[edit]

Number of district articles shown for each

Districts and their cities[edit]

Placenames which apparently need disabiguation pages[edit]

These names appear to have multiple places with the same name but no disambiguation page.

Don't add disamb page if there are two, and one is city while other is the state or region of that city. For example, don't need New York (disambig) just to take care of city and state. But if there is New York (australia) as well, then disamb is needed.