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Hi Bete

With regard to your post on User_talk:Tsandell#Estonia, I deleted the two links in Estonia as I believed they were to third party websites, that is websites that are not government ones or ones of a specific hotel/attraction. On closer inspection, I still stick by that judgement that they don't belong there! The Budget Travel Link should defianately not be in wikitravel, as it is a hotel booking service, see Wikitravel:External_links#What_not_to_link_to.

The Visit Estonia website could be the official tourism website for Estonia - I accept I may have been wrong to edit that one out, I followed the link and did not see anything on there to indicate it was the official govt site and so I removed it. If you believe that is the govt website, then please add it back in!

In future, feel free to plunge forward and edit thing back in yourself in future - I myself am no different to you in that I have no admin superpowers to revert edits easily! -- Tim 11:05, 14 August 2006 (EDT)