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Please have a look at Wikitravel:Accommodation_listings and Wikitravel:Don't tout. There are some tips in there that will help you provide more useful hotel listings that are less likely to get edited or deleted. Gorilla Jones 00:08, 30 April 2009 (EDT)

Having deleted a bunch of your contributions, I thought I might elaborate:
Wikitravel is not meant to be a yellow pages, nor an advertising brochure, so please do not add listings for your business that have flowery, promotional language or that lack any useful information, in particular price ranges for rooms. Also do not list your listing more than once, and do not list it in a city other than the one it actually is in. Lastly, please, oh please, do not include the city, state, and zip code in the address field. Think about it, there is absolutely no reason to do so, since the article name should indicate what city it is in.
Edits that do not follow these guidelines will be reverted. --Peter Talk 01:18, 30 April 2009 (EDT)