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mega ayu homestay[edit]

"hello, why you edited and then deleted my entry for lovina / mega ayu homestay?

with 50 000 rupiah (around 6-7 us dollar) it belongs definitively to budget." from your message on my Talk page on 19 November...

I am a bit mystified as to why you think I deleted it, I only removed a line break from the mark-up. I have edited it now though as the listings details for Mega Ayu homestay in Lovina are a bit confusing. Is this music in the night truly "silent music" If so maybe it is not really music, that would possibly be best described as a mime act. I will edit it to read "quiet music as I assume that is what you mean.
Also Andreas84 please use ~~~~ to sign your name when you leave a message so that it is clear who you are. It is a bit of a mystery who you are otherwise and requires a look through the edit histories to find out. Did you perhaps check the article before leaving this message. I looked through the edit histories and no one, including myself has ever removed the mega ayu homestay listing or moved it elsewhere from the Budget section. I think the phone contact number has too many digits. This looks like a telkomsel number +62 88 133 803 0275. Maybe that is one too many 8s I have changed it to read +62 813 3803 0275 as that seems to be more likely to be correct. felix 11:23, 19 November 2010 (EST)


I did register now to ask about this i had this account not as i wrote the article...

I did not see the article later so i taught it was removed. I am new to wiki travel (as writer) so i did not read the history proper maybe. I think your edit is good, thank you :) Btw i think the small number for homepage is a bit misleading as newbies just might don't see it and think there is no homepage attached... Allready had this problem. (from 13:50, 20 November 2010 Andreas84 at felix)

Yes, I agree the URL link represented by the number is probably not understood by a lot of people. If you think this is something that needs some enquiry then perhaps raise it at Wikitravel:Travellers' pub. Currently is is the mandated style for URL display. Don't worry I understood you were probably new to wikitravel and had not understood the listing had not just 'disappeared'. Thanks for getting back to me. Terima makasih ya. felix 11:04, 21 November 2010 (EST)