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I am from Trinidad, of mixed race, African, Indian, European. Most people in Trinidad, fewer in Tobago, are of mixed race e.g Chinese, African, Indian, European, Middle Eastern, and we have a lot of different religions, but the following are some of the main ones, Christianity (in all forms), Islam, Hinduism, Shouter and Shango Baptists. No particular dish is our national dish, most dishes are a fusion of all of these, but may lean to a particular culture e.g Indian influenced food, African influenced, Chinese influenced etc., these are modified to suit what is/can be grown locally. Trinidadians of all races study at Universities all over the world, that is in the West Indies, England, USA and Canada, India etc. Only recently Trinidad and Tobago was an absolutely wonderful place to live in, but now is crimeridden, and this beacme a serious problem in the year 2000 to 2001. The present government is as corrupt, if not more so than the one before it, and there seems to be no let up for the citizens of this once beautiful country, from this present government.

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