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As a geographer, former archaeologist, and lifelong resident of the Southwest, I would be more than happy to contribute; however, I must say that the current format is in dire need of revision. To be fair, far west Texas, SW Colorado and SE California should be included in the geographic extent. Culturally, indigenous, hispanic and homesteader legacies need to be discussed. The notion of "southern hospitality" and "Old West" character is simply a surficial stereotype of the region, and should be revised to more accurately reflect the true nature of this wonderful, original melting pot. Insofar as cities and destinations go, relative newcomers to our history--such as Phoenix and Las Vegas--should not be the only focal point. Tucson, Albuquerque and Santa Fe (among many others) have histories that predate the founding of the U.S. as an independent country. I believe that they should be discussed in contrast to the more recent settlements in order to reflect the constant evolution of this ancient land.

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